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Flushing Sailing Club

Let Sailing Commence

There will be no formal organized racing under the FSC banner until further notice.

Please continue to check the website regularly for updates

With due regard to the Government Guidelines on COVID-19 and with close attention to protecting members, volunteers and the residents of Flushing, the Committee and Trustees of FSC CIO have agreed the following measures:

  1. The Clubhouse and facilities will remain closed until further notice.
  2. The Club slipway will be cleared and made useable for members to launch their tenders. Please respect social distancing when doing so.
  3. The Flushing launch will not be running for the time being.
  4. Any racing which takes place will be limited and run under strict guidelines and in keeping with the requirement for social distancing.

Keep Safe

Get ready to race

FSC plans to start racing with pursuit races from the club start line or using the speed limit buoys if we have a lot of entries. A Covid NoR amendment is available here.

We think that any boat that with crew from one household can be covidly raced under current guidelines. Each skipper is responsible for crewing his boat and that his crew are happy with the arrangements. We will not be running the launch yet, so each boat will not come under the responsibility of the club, until they present at the start line. We particularly do not want to upset the residents of Flushing with sailors congregating on the quay and not social distancing. So please try to get to your boats from another place.

Now is the time to do the following:


FSC burgee

Simple Pursuits

An Amendment to the NoR, which details this Pursuit Series and describes the conditions under which we will be operating, is available here.

Start times

The start times for all entries are listed here.

To Zoom or not to Zoom?

A few notes and helpful hints on using Zoom and Houseparty as a means of keeping in touch are available here.

Lockdown Lectures

The Club is pleased to announce the first two free webinars in its new Lockdown Lecture series commencing at 7.30pm on Monday 1st June, looking at Upwind – the Big Picture.

For full details follow this link.

Talking Heads

Just before we entered lockdown, Gaye Slater interviewed a few club members as part of another project. To remind you of the Club and see a couple of friendly (!) faces, we decided to offer a couple of them to you all. The first two are from one of our oldest members, and one of our younger non-members, covering our wide age appeal. To find out more, folloow this link.

SI booklet

You should have received, or will shortly, the Club's SI booklet. Obviously it's all a bit theoretical at the moment, but we wanted you to have some physical evidence that the Club still exists and thrives. Remember the booklet is supported by sponsorship. Many of those sponsors are facing a very uncertain future. Our (and your) support for them now and in the future is vital.

And normally (!) we wouldn't send the SIs out by post, but expect you to collect them from the Clubhouse. But these are challenging times, and you are worth it!

Keeping in touch during the “Stay Home” phase (let's hope it is a phase) may be difficult, and the isolation will probably be the worst part of all of this (apart from ranting that Asda doesn't have a ‘click and collect’ slot for three weeks). But there are things you can do: video contacting using WhatsApp, or more scaleable tools like Zoom and HouseParty are fun, once you iron out the glitches. After all, most of us are in the ‘vulnerable’ category and have time on our hands.

2020 NoR

The 2020 Notice of Race is now available.


We are a friendly sailing club and always welcome new members. If you would like to join, please follow this link for membership details. Or come along any Tuesday evening, or on a Saturday afternoon through the sailing season. You will be guaranteed a warm welcome.

A short (2 minutes) promotional video was created by Katie Barker and Nick Bray, journalism students at Falmouth University.

Development Plan

The Club's Development Plan is available here.


We send out a newsletter to all Club members on a monthly basis to provide some up-to-date information on what is going on at the Club. Why haven't you received yours? Perhaps because you aren't a member, we don't have an email address for you, or it's in your spam folder. All three can be easily rectified.

Social Media

You can now follow the Club on Facebook. Simply click on the icon and ‘like’ the page, and news will be delivered to you. We also have a `closed' group which can be available to all members. Just ask to be added. It allows us to share with Club members rather than the whole world.

The page features reminders and updates to all our activities.

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