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Flushing Sailing Club

Lockdown Lecture

March 2nd; Health, Diet, Disease and Death in mid-Victorian Britain: Dr Roy Fisher will demonstrate that life expectancy for the mid-Victorian working class in Britain (provided they reached the age of 5 years) was as good or better than today. Although they suffered epidemics of cholera and measles, the adult population would have been in better health to cope with the first phase of a coronavirus pandemic than ourselves.

Join us over Zoom on Tuesday 2nd March at 8. Details


An amazing live broadcast from a sunny if strangely deserted Cusco (or Qosqo) in Peru on the 23rd February from Mike Lazo Gammora which included the famous twelve sided stone in the city wall. Quite an achievement all round.

If you missed Simon's Rowell's (very well-received) talk, you can catch up on the Zoom recording here, using the Passcode gcQ.j0sX

Meanwhile, on TV

And if you enjoyed Mark Milburn's talk on shipwrecks of Falmouth, you will doubtless enjoy seeing him in the virtual flesh again (actually clad in rubber) this Wednesday at 16:10 on Cbeebies, part of the What's on your head series?. Watch it live, or use this link. An excellent series destined to get right up the noses of Laurence Fox and Andrew Neil!

Clubhouse redevelopment

Follow the Clubhouse redevelopment link for the latest information.

Flushing Sailing Club is a truly amazing, flourishing, sailing club running the finest yacht racing in the port of Falmouth.

Founded in 1921 for the benefit of Flushing residents, the club is situated on the New Quay commanding stunning and panoramic views of the inner Falmouth Harbour and the reaches of the Penryn River.

The club has a long history of providing exhilarating and competitive racing for yachts in and around the Carrick Roads as well as coastal and offshore events. A strong involvement with the Sunbeam class during the early years of both the Club and the Sunbeam class continues. We enjoy the full support and participation of the Falmouth Working Boats Association.

With their distinctive topsails, the working boats and the gaffers are a symbol of the region and continue a traditional form of sailing. But the club supports contemporary yachts too, providing competitive and friendly racing for many classes.

Most racing takes place in the Carrick Roads and Falmouth Bay, usually finishing on the club line (an imaginary line between ourselves and the Royal Cornwall Yacht Club). During the summer we can expect around 50 boats racing on a Tuesday evening, and an awesome number of yachts setting sail for their Saturday afternoon races. They make a grand sight as they come up the harbour to the finish line.

Members are joined together by their love of sailing, but being a visitor friendly club, non-members are also invited to share our facilities on Tuesday evening and Saturday afternoon racing throughout the season.

Flushing Sailing Club has been honoured to host the main prizegiving for the whole of Falmouth Sailing Week. It was a day to remember for all competing sailors and families. We look forward to hosting the 2020 prizegiving.

And we are inordinately proud that Pete Goss MBE consented to become an Honorary Life Member of the Club, together with Bill Hunt, Nessa Simcock and Harold Martin.

A potted history of the first 75 years of the Club is available here. We are looking forward to 2021, our centenary year.

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Distanced walkers


Intrepid Walkers


A few of the Festive Walkers, December 12th.


A partial list of all prizewinners from this year's racing is available here. There will be no mass awarding of trophies, as in previous years, but where possible and with the agreement of our sponsors we will try to take a picture of trophy winners being awarded their prize on the sponsor‘s premises.


The provisional sailing calendar for 2021 is now available. All the old favourites, and a few novelties to whet your appetite.

Talking Heads

Just before we entered lockdown (over a year ago!), Gaye Slater, our Commodore, interviewed a few club members as part of another project. To remind you of the Club and see a couple of friendly (!) faces, we decided to offer a couple of them to you all. The first two are from one of our oldest members, and one of our younger non-members, covering our wide age appeal. To find out more, follow this link.

2021 NoR

The 2021 Notice of Race is now available.


We are a friendly sailing club and always welcome new members. If you would like to join, please follow this link for membership details. Or come along any Tuesday evening, or on a Saturday afternoon through the sailing season. You will be guaranteed a warm welcome.

A short (2 minutes) promotional video was created by Katie Barker and Nick Bray, journalism students at Falmouth University.

Development Plan

The Club's Development Plan is available here.


We send out a newsletter to all Club members on a monthly basis to provide some up-to-date information on what is going on at the Club. Why haven't you received yours? Perhaps because you aren't a member, we don't have an email address for you, or it's in your spam folder. All three can be easily rectified.

Social Media

You can now follow the Club on Facebook. Simply click on the icon and ‘like’ the page, and news will be delivered to you. We also have a `closed' group which can be available to all members. Just ask to be added. It allows us to share with Club members rather than the whole world.

The page features reminders and updates to all our activities.

Covid Response

Details of FSC's response to the challenge of the coronavirus can be found here.

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