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Racing: Basics

This section includes the basic information you will need to race at Flushing Sailing Club.

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Reminders from 2018

Mooring exclusion Zone

Don't forget the exclusion zone includes Caldy and Frigate as well as the new moorings laid between them. There is a revised diagram.

Touching a mooring

Don't forget that racing vessels may not touch a mooring that forms ther limit of the mooring exclusion zone (or a vessel attached to that mooring). A vessel that does touch such a mooring must retire or be disqualified.


The flag sequence for starts is at the discretion of the Race Officer: some ROs may want to use flags, others may not.

Cancellation of racing

When cancellation does occur, the Club will endeavour to notify skippers by text message as soon as possible. This relies on the Club having a mobile phone number for each skipper. The cancellation may also be posted on the Club's Facebook page.

Changes for 2019

Saturday Racing

The old course boards are no longer in use. All courses will be notified over VHF ch 72. Any shortening/changing of courses for a second round will also be notified on VHF.

Course selection for G class (and other open boats)

In windy conditions, particularly in a southerly, G class will not be sent south of Governor. The RO should check wave state/‌wind over tide etc, and check with G class/‌open boat skippers.

SIs regarding shortening courses

The SIs have been reorganised slightly so that the arrangements for shortening courses are clearer. See SI 14.


Courses are now numbered 1 through to 223.

ROs will still hoist a numeral pennant to indicate the Group Number for the course(s) being used.

All courses are now problem-free (!).

The Notice of Race may also be downloaded as a pdf.

Flushing Sailing Club
Notice of Race for 2019

Organising Authority: Flushing Sailing Club
Address: New Quay, Trefusis Road, Flushing, Falmouth, TR11 5TZ
Telephone: 01326 374043
Website: www.flushingsailingclub.co.uk


  1. RULES
    1. Racing will be governed by the rules as defined in the current Racing Rules of Sailing 2017–2020 (RRS).
    2. The following Rules are changed:
      1. RRS 29.2-Classes recalled will be restarted after the last scheduled start of other classes.
      2. RRS 40-Personal Flotation Devices for Mocra (Multihulls).
      3. RRS A4, A5, A9, 26, 32.2, 35, 44.1 are subject to change.
      4. The sailing instructions may also change other racing rules.

        The changes will appear in full in the sailing instructions.

    3. IRC 2018 Rules Parts A, B & C.
      Amendment to IRC Rule 22.4.2 to change to IRC Certificate crew number + 1.
    4. Nothing written in either this Notice of Race or the sailing instructions removes a boat's responsibility to comply with the Falmouth Harbour bye-laws.
    1. Entries will be accepted only from owners or their representatives who are members of a PoFSA club, and have completed and signed a valid entry form, paid the correct entry fee, and whose boat displays sail numbers in compliance with RRS Appendix G.
    2. Under sixteen-year-olds may enter or crew only if their parent or guardian has given their permission and completed and signed the parental permission form provided.
    3. Boats must race in their designated class and may not change class during a series.
    4. The FSC race committee reserves the right to alter/‌combine classes and change/‌adapt entry conditions as they see fit in light of entries received.
    5. Completed entry forms together with correct entry fee, IRC and Mocra handicap certificates shall be sent to: – FSC Hon. Treasurer, 12 Wellington Terrace, Falmouth, TR11 3BN.
      This must be completed no later than 48 hours before racing. It is strongly recommended that all competitors dowload the RYASafeTRX app and register their vessel. This replaces the CG66 which is no longer valid. The app may be downloaded from the Apple Store or Google Play. Alternatively competitors may register on the RYA website at www.safetrx.rya.org.uk
    Rule 4 of the Racing Rules of Sailing states: “The responsibility for a boat's decision to participate in a race or to continue racing is hers alone”.
    Sailing is by its nature an unpredictable sport and therefore inherently involves an element of risk. By taking part in the event, each competitor agrees and acknowledges that:
    1. They are aware of the inherent element of risk involved in the sport and accept responsibility for the exposure of themselves, their crew and their boat to such inherent risk whilst taking part in the event;
    2. They are responsible for the safety of themselves, their crew, their boat and their property whether afloat or ashore;
    3. They accept responsibility for any injury, damage or loss to the extent caused by their own action or omission;
    4. Their boat is in good order, equipped to sail in the event and they are fit to participate;
    5. The provision of a race management team, patrol boats and other officials and volunteers by the event organiser does not relieve them of their own responsibilities;
    6. For offshore races they are responsible for ensuring that their boat is equipped and seaworthy so as to be able to face the extremes of weather; that there is a crew sufficient in number, experience and fitness to withstand such weather; and that the safety equipment is properly maintained, stowed and is in date and is familiar to the crew;
    7. It is their responsibility to familiarise themselves with any risks specific to the venue or event drawn to their attention in any rules and information produced for the venue or event and to attend any safety briefing held for the event;
    8. Flushing Sailing Club cannot provide patrol boat/‌safety boat cover for the duration of the racing.
    1. Sailing Instructions will be:
      1. posted on the Flushing Sailing Club website and may be downloaded.
      2. available for collection at the Club.
    2. Instructions for Special Races will be posted on the Club website and displayed on the Club notice board.
    These are all detailed in the Sailing Instructions, which are available prior to entry if required.

    MYLOR CHANDLERY & RIGGING Spring – Saturday
    COCKWELLS – Tuesday
    SKINNERS – Saturday
    CHOAKS PASTIES – Tuesday
    HINE DOWNING 1 – Tuesday
    HINE DOWNING 2 – Tuesday
    SEVEN STARS FLUSHING Autumn – Saturday
    FSC/RCYC – Tuesday & Friday (Organising Authority is both FSC and RCYC)
    Silver Sunbeam
    G Class Backward Race Series
    Single Handed (Q and G classes Two Handed)
    Harbour Race B & C classes
    Oyster Festival Race B & C classes
    Charity Race Ellen McArthur Trust
    FALMOUTH TYRES – Falmouth to Fowey
    FALMOUTH TYRES – Fowey to Falmouth
    The Gull Rock / Manacles race is part of the FSC programme, and for 2019 is also a COGS race. For the COGS race, there will be a separate NOR, entry form and fee. For all offshore racing, a crew list must be compiled and a contact number for the person holding that crew list must be given to the Race Committee before racing.

    MMultihullsQIRC/Byron Yachts fastUIRC/ByronYachts slowVSunbeam
    GHandicap GaffersBLarge Working BoatsCSmall Working BoatsWWhite Sail (see SIs Rule 20)
    The club may choose to run races for other classes.
    1. All Series and Special races: Falmouth/St Mawes harbour, Carrick Roads and Falmouth Bay.
    2. Offshore races: Western Approaches, English Channel, Plymouth forecast area.
    3. Start times for all races are published in the sailing instructions.
    1. IRC and Mocra (Multihulls) shall forward a copy of their rating certificate with their entries.
    2. Entrants in Q, U and W classes will be handicapped using the IRC system of handicapping. Exceptionally the Byron system may be used and may be modified for FSC Club racing at the Race Committee’s discretion. For W Class Byron handicaps will be used, potentially modified at the discretion of the FSC Race Committee.
    1. Offshore racing: The safety of the boat and its entire management including insurance shall be the sole responsibility of the owner/‌competitor who must ensure the boat is fully found, thoroughly seaworthy, operated by a crew sufficient in numbers and experience who are physically fit to face bad weather. The owner/competitor must be satisfied that:
      1. The Hull, Hull Appendages, Spars, Rigging, Sails and all gear are sound.
      2. All Safety Equipment is properly maintained, stowed and in date.
      3. The Crew know where such equipment is kept and how it is to be used.

      Offshore racing: All Classes World Sailing Offshore Special Regulations Category 5 except:

      1. J24 OD – J24 OD Class Rules
      2. Mocra – (Multihull) safety requirements
      3. Marieholm Folkboat – British Marieholm IF Association Class Rules
      4. Nordic Folkboat – Nordic Folkboat Class Association Rules.
      5. Open Sports boats & boats with no cabin:
      6. At the discretion of the Race Committee, boats complying with the following minimum requirements may be permitted to race. Boats shall be self righting from 90 degrees. And the cockpits shall be self draining. If class rules provide a higher standard, then class rules apply.

    2. All Other Racing: Below is a list of safety equipment to which all competing boats must comply. Each item of equipment shall Accordion properly and be suitable for its intended purpose in the size of boat on which it is carried. Each item shall be securely stowed and ready for immediate use. Any additional equipment required by class rules must also be carried.
      1. Suitable anchor
      2. Fire extinguisher if fuel or gas carried
      3. Horseshoe type lifebuoy or life sling
      4. Oar and Rowlock if item 15 not carried
      5. Bucket and lanyard
      6. Gas inflated EN 150 Newton lifejacket for each crew
      7. Marine compass and chart of area to be sailed
      8. VHF radio with suitable marine Channels
      9. Depth sounding equipment ready and accessible from the cockpit.
      10. Powerful torch /spare batteries
      11. Two red flares
      12. Two orange smoke flares
      13. Whistle and Fog Horn
      14. Bilge Pump
      15. Auxiliary Engine
      16. First Aid Kit
      17. Heaving line/throw bag with 15m of floating line
    Except in an emergency, a boat shall neither make radio transmissions while racing nor receive radio communications not available to all boats. This restriction also applies to mobile telephones.
    Each participating boat shall be insured for racing including third-party liability insurance with a minimum cover of £3,000,000, (three million pounds).
    The Race Committee members will be Vice Commodore, Hon. Sailing Secretary and Race Officer of the day.
  • Class Tuesday Saturday
    Flag Warning Signal 1805 1345
    Preparatory Signal 1810 1350
    M Multi Hulls 1815
    Q IRC/Byron (IRC≥0.851) yachts (fast) 1820 1355
    U IRC/Byron (IRC<0.851 ) yachts (slow) 1825 1400
    V Sunbeams 1830 1405
    W Byron yachts (White Sail) 1835 1405
    G Handicap Gaffers (Tuesday) 1840
    C Working Boats (small) 1845 1410
    G Handicap Gaffers (Saturday) 1415
    B Working Boats (large) 1845 1435

    Sailing Calendar, 2019

    The calendar is also available as a pdf and is the centrefold of our SI booklet (available at the Clubhouse). There is also a folded card which lists all the racing events, again, available at the Clubhouse.

    Racing at Flushing Sailing Club is open to all Club members and to members of PoFSA clubs on payment of the appropriate race entry fees. Details of the fees and their applicability is detailed on the Entry form link. Some races may be subject to additional fees and/‌or instructions.

    Tues 2COCKWELLS series starts
    Sat 6MYLOR Chandlery & Rigging series starts*
    Tues 9COCKWELLS series
    Sat 13MYLOR Chandlery & Rigging series*
    Tues 16COCKWELLS series
    Sat 20MYLOR Chandlery & Rigging series ends*
    Tues 23COCKWELLS series
    Sat 26SKINNERS series starts
    Tues 30COCKWELLS series
    Sat 4SKINNERS starts
    Tues 7COCKWELLS series
    Sat 11SKINNERS series
    Tues 14COCKWELLS series ends
    Sat 18SKINNERS series
    Tues 21CHOAKS PASTIES series starts
    Sat 25SKINNERS series
    Silver Sunbeam race V class*
    Sun 26COGS/FSC Gull Rock Manacles race* QUW & IRC classes
    Prizegiving at FSC after racing
    Mon 27RYA Push the Boat Out Open Day
    YTC Regatta, StMSC§
    Tues 28CHOAKS PASTIES series ends
    Sat 1LOE BEACH Regatta no racing at FSC
    Tues 4HINE DOWNING series 1 starts
    Sat 8FALMOUTH TOWN Regatta no racing at FSC
    Tues 11HINE DOWNING series 1
    Fri 14–Sun 16Classics Regatta§, BCG&V classes
    Sat 15FALMOUTH TYRES Falmouth/Fowey race* QUW classes
    Sun 16FALMOUTH TYRES Fowey/Falmouth race* QUW classes
    Tues 18HINE DOWNING series 1
    Thur 20Menagerie Fancy Dress Race to Mylor, all in one class
    Sat 22SKINNERS series
    Tues 25HINE DOWNING series 1
    Sat 29POINT & PENPOL Regatta no racing at FSC
    Sat 29–Sun 30Firebird Championships
    Tues 2HINE DOWNING series 1
    Sat 6St MAWES SOCIAL Regatta no racing at FSC
    Tues 9HINE DOWNING series 1
    Fri 12RCYC Falmouth keelboat regatta§
    Sat 13SKINNERS series
    RCYC Falmouth keelboat regatta§
    Tues 16HINE DOWNING series 1 Charity Race for Ellen MaArthur Cancer Trust
    Thur 18Single handed race (2 handed Q&G classes)
    Sat 20SKINNERS series ends
    William & Mary Trophy G class
    Tues 23HINE DOWNING Series 1 ends
    Sat 27FLUSHING VILLAGE Regatta
    Tues 30HINE DOWNING Series 2 starts
    Sat 3St MAWES TOWN Regatta no racing at FSC
    YTC Regatta MYC§
    Tues 6HINE DOWNING series 2
    Backwards Race G class*
    Sat 10Mid Summer Regatta: Cup races for all classes
    Sun 18Fowey – Falmouth feeder race
    Mon 19Falmouth – Fowey feeder race
    Tues 20HINE DOWNING series 2
    Backwards race G class*
    Sat 24PORTSCATHO VILLAGE Regatta no racing at FSC
    Sun 25PERCUIL VILLAGE Regatta
    Tues 27HINE DOWNING series 2
    Sat 31SEVEN STARS FLUSHING Autumn series starts
    Tues 3HINE DOWNING series 2
    Backwards race G class*
    Sat 7SEVEN STARS FLUSHING Autumn series
    Tues 10HINE DOWNING series 2 ends
    Sat 14SEVEN STARS FLUSHING Autumn series
    Tues 17FSC/RCYC Pursuit series starts*
    Fri 20RCYC/FSC Pursuit series*
    Sat 21SEVEN STARS FLUSHING Autumn series ends: Prizegiving at Seven Stars Flushing 7pm
    Tues 24FSC/RCYC Pursuit series ends* prizegiving at FSC after racing
    Sat 28PENROSE SAILS Champagne series starts*
    Tues 1Season wash up meeting at FSC, 8pm
    Sat 5PENROSE SAILS Champagne series*
    Sat 12PENROSE SAILS Champagne series*
    Sat 19PENROSE SAILS Champagne series*
    Sat 26PENROSE SAILS Champagne series ends*

    Village Regattas

    Village Regattas have been held around the Carrick Roads and Gerrans Bay since the 19th Century. Some have gone, and then come alive again. At present there are eight ‘village’ regattas. The term ‘village’ is not taken literally. Each regatta has its own flavour and is quite distinct. With the exception of Percuil, all the regattas are held on a Saturday. During a village regatta, no racing takes place at Flushing Sailing Club (mostly because we're all round at the regatta and there is no-one left).

    Almost without exception the organisers make a huge effort to entertain the visitors, not just with the racing (in places we don't normally go), but the teas and the events.

    To keep track of the Village Regattas, consult the PoFSA website.

    Flushing Village Regatta

    At FSC we are particularly fond of the Flushing Village Regatta which is run through the Club, though the Race Officer and many of the helpers are drawn from the village. If you plan to take part you'll want the Notice of Race, the Sailing Instructions, the Racing Marks chart and the chart showing the harbour restrictions.

    Besides organising the racing for the day, the Clubhouse is the site of the sumptuous teas.

    On a fine day the Quay is an excellent place to sit out in the sun and enjoy, assuming you aren't out on the water.

    Regatta handicaps

    If you race in a village regatta or Falmouth Sailing Week, you may require a Yacht Time Correction (YTC), formerly known as the Falmouth Area Yardstick (FAY). The Working Boats (B & C classes) and Gaffers (G class) use their existing class handicaps, the Sunbeams (V class) and Firebirds (M class) both race as one-designs, but those in Q, U and W should ensure they have a YTC. In Falmouth Sailing Week there will be IRC class races in the Bay where YTC is not required, but in the Carrick Roads racing for these boats use YTC. It costs nothing, so better to be prepared than to be disappointed on the day.

    To obtain a YTC, follow the link to the YTC application form; all current local YTC ratings are in the YTC list.

    Falmouth Sailing Week

    The Club is one of the members of PoFSA (the Port of Falmouth Sailing Association), under whose aegis the village regattas are organised. PoFSA is also responsible for Falmouth Sailing Week, which in 2019 is 11th to 17th August. Traditionally the final Saturday is Flushing's ‘day’ and the evening's presentations, teas and entertainment take place at the Club, usually with the addition of a marquee on the Quay.

    A fully stocked bar is available serving local ales.


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