We run three pursuits, one in the Spring (on a Saturday), one in September, jointly with Royal Cornwall Yacht Club (just across the Penryn River in Falmouth), and the Champagne series, run on Saturdays in October. The Joint pursuit runs at the end of the season in September, on Tuesday evenings and Friday evenings.

Mylor Chandlery & Rigging Spring Pursuit

Three races starting on the first Saturday in April, sponsored by Mylor Chandlery & Rigging. All starts are from the club line. No sound signals are given. The courses are given by signal flags at the clubhouse. Full details are found here.

FSC/RCYC (Joint) Pursuit

The Joint Pursuit runs on Tuesday and Friday evenings in September. The Tuesday starts are from the FSC line and are run by FSC personnel, the Friday starts are from the RCYC line and are run by RCYC personnel. In both cases the finish is normally on the FSC/RCYC line.

The RO will announce the courses on Channel 72. No starting signals will be given.

The target finish time is 19:20.

Further details may be found here.

Penrose Sails Champagne pursuit

The series runs on Saturday during October. The courses are published as part of the Sailing Instructions. There are NO discards in this series. Competitors are reminded that a boat entering this series must stay in the same configuration through the entire series, changing from White Sail to Spinnaker and vice versa is not allowed.

Full details may be found here. The start times are to be published here.


Mylor Chandlery

RCYC burgee