W is a 'white'-sail class, where the boats do not use spinnakers. This is an excellent opportunity for short-handed crews, or crews who don't want the added stress and organisation of flying (and retrieving) spinnakers.

The handicaps used at FSC are Byron (By) Numbers, which are applied in a similar way to Portsmouth Numbers (PN or PY) and the Falmouth Area Yardstick used by some other clubs in the port. Although the RYA and Byron both apply a 4% 'offset' for non-spinnaker boats, since all boats in W-class are non-spinnaker, we use the 'raw' Byron number. Mathematically it makes no difference to the calculations. Should the boat then decide to sail in Q or U, they use the same handicap.

To find out what your Byron handicap would be, consult the list. Alternatively, Byron Software will calculate a handicap for you, on completion of an online form. And if you make a small donation, the results will come back quickly.

Some W class boats will also compete in either Q or U class when they fly a spinnaker. Note that once a skipper has elected to sail in a class in a particular series s/he may not also sail in that series in a different class. However they are free to sail other series in another class.

A list of boats who have submitted a race entry form indicating they may be in W class, together with their handicaps is given here.

Len Cheshire

W class captain: Len Cheshire

Sweet Friday