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Amendments to Instructions

Any changes or amendments to the Sailing Instructions or any other urgent sailing matters will be found here.

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SI 12.5 All marks are rounding marks. (July 2022)

For clarification, we are aware that in some of the new courses there are marks which could be looked on as passing marks. Boats are expected to sail the course following the ‘string’ route. If in doubt clarification should be sought from the RO. All boats (in the same or different classes) should be rounding the mark leaving it to the same side (which is the root cause of the error). No course has been designed that expects a boat to do a 360° or greater rounding of a mark.

Please forward any comments on courses to the club so that we can review any issues for next season.

Falmouth Working Boats & Gaffers (B, C & G classes)

In 2021 the respective Falmouth Working Boat and Falmouth Gaffer Associations agreed that for the purposes of the definition of “Start” and “Finish” rules 21.1, 29.1, 30 and 44.2 of the RRS (but not any other rules), the term “hull” includes a boat’s bowsprit in its normal position.

SI booklet

SI booklet