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Commodore’s Centenary Appeal

In 2021 it will be the 100th birthday of Flushing Sailing Club and what more appropriate way of celebrating that historic event and ensuring another 100 years of sailing at FSC, than completing the project to rebuild our tender little clubhouse?

Thanks to the professionalism of our Building and Development Groups, we have made good progress and we are poised to start the construction. Watch this space for more details.

We had put a brake on our plans as the Covid-19 pandemic took hold but as we emerge into the sunlight, we can see that we are very close to our fundraising target.

We are actively tapping into many funding sources and are open to suggestions, however speed is now of the essence to have our building ready for 2021.

We are unashamedly asking for your support. We need to complete the funding this July, so that we can make the arrangements to start the project, to have our new club house ready for 2021. The time to act is now.

Our club stands on the threshold of an exciting future, by making this gift we hope that you will be able to take pride in the knowledge that you have helped to create an iconic building prominently displayed in Falmouth Harbour and will enjoy the clubhouse and the sailing it provides for you and future generations.

Gaye Slater, Acting Commodore FSC CIO

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