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From the Main Shed 2; late November

Site Progress

The piling part of the Project is now nearing completion. This has proven to be much more complex than expected. The ground rock in particular has given us some sleepless nights, with some very poor Mylor mud series stone which has proven highly fractured and then a zone of extremely hard greenstone, this was all found at a significantly greater depth than we had anticipated. It is remarkable to think that the Dutch engineers built the Quay virtually by hand in 1680. We are all but there now and as of 24th November we anticipate finishing the reinforcing and grouting of the 15 piles subject to availability of some additional materials.

Next Steps

We also now have the groundworks team on-site and they are preparing the trenches to take the main ring beam on which will be mounting the steel frame. The team have also removed the granite post from the middle of the quay and this proved to be 5 feet long and took a big effort to remove; this will be relocated just behind the memorial benches at the end of the Quay. We also anticipate breaking into the tarmac area beyond the old building this week and this will require the attendance on site of a qualified archaeologist in case of any interesting historical finds. We are now anticipating that the steel frame will be erected by Christmas so we will see for the first time the size and increased footprint of the new Clubhouse.

Site Visits

We hope to run some Saturday morning site visits so that members can come onto the new Club house building site. These will be guided by one of the Team because of the nature and hazards of the construction site itself. These will be on Saturday mornings at key stages of the build. We will have to use a booking in system and these will be programmed subject to further Covid restrictions so please watch out for further announcements.

Interior Design

This element of work is being led by David Mitchell, our very experienced and retired in-house architect. David has been leading multiple conversations on this matter with a range of key players in the Club and outside. This is now being taken forward with assistance from a local professional Interior Designer. The key basic principles in this work are:

  • To maximise the views of the Harbour and Penryn River;
  • Sustainability to be taken into account at all stages and selection processes;
  • Must be light and airy;
  • Efficient and responsive heating/cooling system;
  • Commercial grade kitchen (stainless steel);
  • Good acoustics;
  • Comfortable and welcoming not formal;
  • Quality no tat!;
  • Friendly and flexible;
  • Long lasting;
  • To maximise the use of local suppliers;
  • Décor and pictures to reflect Club culture, history and primary use;
  • Good quality Audio Visual equipment.

We will be doing a more detailed focus on this in the next “From the Main Shed” and will be doing a much wider consultation with the Club membership on the final proposed appearance. Following this extensive work the Building Sub-Committee will make a recommendation to the Management Committee for approval.

The “Wedding Gift List”

You may have seen reference to what is loosely nicknamed the “Wedding Gift List (WGL)”. We have been extremely fortunate and humbled by the level of cash donations to the project, without which we could never have started. But then several of our sponsors and the sailing community started to look at the startling design and appearance of the new building and wanted to get involved as well. So the WGL reflects the fact that several local companies rather than give us cash want to give us “in-kind contributions” by donating equipment that they can either produce themselves or procure for us. Some examples of this include the manufacture of the stairs to the Race Office, new Race Office equipment, the construction of the Bar, kitchen equipment and the Quay wall gates. (A formal announcement of these amazing donors and their donations will be published in the fullness of time). But needless to say we are extremely grateful for their generosity despite the pandemic and economic uncertainty.

Now as we go into the final stage of fundraising we are building on the WGL, which should perhaps be better called the Clubhouse Wish List. So all contributions will be gratefully received and appropriately recognised. As of 24th November we have had donations as below.

Promised Donated Item Approximate Value
Bar Top

Staircase and Bannisters 10,000
Race Office Furniture
Desks & Storage

Race Office Equipment
(Chairs, Base Radio stations, 3 handheld VHF, two laptops, binoculars, weather station linked to internet)

Signals Mast
new halyards, 6ft high Amber V

Sanitary Wear
Toilets ×2, 2 wash basins, 1 shower

Kitchen Equipment
Cooker & Hob

Cycle Racks 250

Club Wish List

A number of members have indicated that they would also like to sponsor an item to be placed in the new Clubhouse. Therefore we are preparing in the first instance a draft list of the items that could be suitable for donation. If you are interested in helping in this way please contact Gaye Slater. The draft and growing list is below:-

Item Approximate Value
Crockery ×75 dinner plates
×75 mugs, cups & saucers
×75 desert plates (for cakey tea)
×75 soup/desert bowls
Cutlery ×75 covers
×12 Condiment Sets
Kitchen Utensils
Frying/Grill Pan
Knives and kitchen cutlery
Chopping Boards
Kitchen Equipment Fridge
Extraction Units ×2
Preparation units with storage
Audio Visual Equipment
Retractable Screen
Wearable microphone
Clubhouse Furniture
×75 Stackable Chairs
×10 Folding Tables
Main Club Room
Karndean vinyl flooring
Loo Roll holders
Disability equipment
Soap dispensers
Hand dryers
Shower curtain
Entrance Lobby
Barrier Matting
Shower/WC Flooring
Coat hooks

Contact Points

If you have any queries or questions please email the following contacts:

drilling rig

the drilling rig


and ready for grouting


8 & 6 inch piles with spacer

ring beam

ring beam reinforcing

ring beam trenching

ring beam trenching


Archaeologist on site

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