Amendment to SI 22 (Abandonment of Races), issued on 30/07/2017

add the following clause:

22.1 For fleets Q, U and W only, the Race Officer may determine that open boats should not be permitted to sail given the conditions. The signal flags N over O will be used to indicate this decision, flown either on the club mast or the committee boat. When this situation is in effect, all open boats that have competed in that series will be scored with their average points of the other races in the series.

(Open boats are those that do not have an enclosed cabin, such as Hawk 20, Viper and similar boats.)

Amendment to SI 29 (Risk Statement), issued on 03/03/2017

Add the following clauses:

(g) it is their responsibility to familiarise themselves with any risks specific to the venue or event drawn to their attention in any rules and information produced for the venue or event and to attend to any safety briefing held for the event.

(h) [for offshore races] they are responsible for ensuring that their boat is equipped and seaworthy so as to be able to face extremes of weather; that there is a crew sufficient in number, experience and fitness to with stand such weather and that the safety equipment is properly maintained, stowed and in date and is familiar to the crew.