The Club publishes set Inner Harbour (Clubhouse) and Committee Boat (Carrick Roads) courses which are classified by prevailing wind direction. North is Group 1, North East is Group 2, through to North West, Group 8. Each of these groups has about a dozen or more possible courses, of distances between about 1.5nM and just over 10nM. The RO will select a course appropriate to wind direction and speed. The Inner Harbour and Committee Boat courses are quite different.

In some circumstances, when constrained by commercial shipping movements, a ninth Group of 16 potential courses may be used.

Courses end on the clubhouse line; on the Harbour 'line' (between the committee boat and the easternmost end of the Northern arm of the docks), or when shortened by the RO, at a buoy of the course.

For information on courses download the documents from the links below. All the documents are in pdf format and will open in a separate window.

  • Clubhouse Courses: start at the Clubhouse, mostly Saturday afternoon racing, but also Pursuits;
  • Carrick Roads Courses: start out in the Roads from the committee boat, mostly Tuesday evening;


Chartlet showing the approximate position of the course marks and their abbreviations.

Pursuit courses

Over the year there are three pursuit series, the Spring series, on a Saturday, the FSC/RCYC Joint Pursuit over Tuesdays and Fridays in September, and a series on Saturdays in October.

The Spring Pursuit courses are selected from the Inner Harbour Clubhouse starts: the Joint Pursuit courses are selected according to the individual club's SIs: the 'October' Pursuits use courses which are specific to each day and which are published in the series SIs.