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“Points mean prizes!” as the inestimable Humphrey Littleton used to say on Radio Four‘s Iím Sorry I Haven‘t a Clue. And yacht racing means points for all, and prizes for some.

“It‘s been an odd year” has become something of a cliché, not least because we started sailing late and continued with pursuits for the whole of the season. It did mean that class racing took a backseat, and that the hardened racers had to put up with YTC (although that probably had no effect on the final placings). But at least we were out and the racing was competitive. It also had the effect of letting some classes acknowledge the presence of others: “Oh, that's what a Sunbeam looks like!” and “I didn't know Gaffers had spinnakers!” among other squeals of delight.

The non-appearance of the Working Boats and the Firebirds was sad if entirely understandable. It did let Victory‘s David Carne sail ‘the Tit’, a gaffer with a long and interesting history of helms.

The table is not quite complete, since the Penrose Champagne Series is on-going. The traditional pursuit series just have an overall first, second and third. For the other series which are normally in classes, the leading boat in each class was identified and awarded the prize.

Arrangements for prize-giving will also be unusual. Because of the present circumstances it is impossible to hold our normal prize giving evening. Race series and prizes are largely supported by our sponsors who deserve something in return. To this end, where possible and with agreement with our sponsors we would like to take a picture of trophy winners being awarded their prize on the sponsor‘s premises. We are also asking winners to return their trophies immediately after presentation in order to have them revalued for insurance purposes.

Mylor Chandlery And Rigging Series
1st Comffortably Numb C. Hunt
2nd Gap Year L. Trenoweth
3rd Joxer D. O'Halloran
Cockwells Series
1st Gap Year L. Trenoweth Hilda Nixon Bowl
2nd Comffortably Numb C. Hunt
3rd Joxer D. O'Halloran
Skinners Series One
1st Joxer D. O'Halloran FSC Pennant
2nd Macavity J. Hicks
3rd Aries D. Mitchell
Silver Sunbeam
1st Audrey R. Ford
Hine Downing Series One
Q/EJoxer D. O'Halloran A2 Rigging Urn
U Gap Year L. Trenoweth Farrant Trophy
V Halcyon G. Fox Strangway Dixon Cup
W Elli R. Roebuck Furze Trophy
G Tom Tit D. Carne Dorothy Hobson Cup
Falmouth Tyres Series
Q/EJoxer D. O'Halloran Orzel Cup
U Aires D. Mitchell Dundrum Tankard
W Sweet Friday L. Cheshire Bill Jennings Cup
G Charm N. Bradley Burt Cup
Choaks Pasties Series
Q/EMacavity J. Hicks
U Gap Year L. Trenoweth
V Pintail P. Pullen
W Elli R. Roebuck
G Charm N. Bradley
Hine Downing Series Two
Q/EEncore D. Cunliffe R. T. Dixon Cup
U Gap Year L. Trenoweth Mayflower Cup
V Mary N. Hopkins Jim Laity Cup
W Elli R. Roebuck Frank Lang Trophy
G Tom Tit D. Carne Gaffers Trophy
Seven Stars Series
Q/ETriggers Broom D. Adams/C. Brown
U Serena P. Knight
W Levity G. English
G Katy S. Grigg
Skinners Series Two
Q/ETriggers Broom D. Adams/C. Brown Armytage Cup
U Chiot Noir S. Roby
W White Mischief M. Swingler
G Tom Tit D. Carne
FSC/RCYC pursuits
Penrose Sails Champagne Series
Sailing Achievment Award
Mary Boon J. Cruise Single Handed Cup

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