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Sailing Instructions

(Also available in printable [pdf] format)

Falmouth Tyres Flushing–Fowey Race 12/13th June 2021

  1. The Race will be governed by the rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing 2021–2024 together with Flushing Sailing Club Sailing Rules.
  2. Any notice to competitors will be posted on the club notice board by 9.00 am on the morning of the race.
  3. The Race is for Q, E, U, and W classes. Q, E and U will be scored on IRC and W class will be scored on SWYTC Handicaps.
  4. The start line will be the Club House line on Saturday 12th June 2021. The Warning Signal for all classes will be at 10.50 am, the Preparatory Signal at 10.55 am and the Start Signal at 11.00 am.
  5. The course is to sail direct to Fowey using the Royal Fowey Yacht Club finish line and all competitors are requested to take their finish time, also the name/sail number of the boat behind and in front. Please notify the club with these times on the following Monday 14th June 2021. Email:
  6. The return race on Sunday 13th June 2021 will use the same start times and will use an elected starter from the fleet. The start will be outside Fowey Harbour/Estuary. The finish line will be Flushing Sailing Club finish line again taking your own finish time and the details of the boats around you.
  7. All boats in Q , E and U classes will comply with club safety standards and IRC sss value 15. W class boats will comply with club safety standards.
  8. Flushing Sailing Club accept NO responsibility for damage or mishap to the boat or crew entering this race, it is the responsibility of the skipper/owner of the boat for any mishap of any kind. It is also the responsibility of the skipper/owner if the boat elects to sail in poor weather conditions. Competitors participate at their own risk.
  9. Radio communication from Flushing Sailing Club will be on Channel 72.

Race Sponsor

Falmouth Tyres

Falmouth Tyres

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