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We are located on the New Quay in Flushing. By car, drive through Flushing and as you turn left up the hill, the Quay and the Clubhouse are on your right. Or use sat nav: TR11 5TZ. From the street it's a rather striking if anonymous grey building, but from the water it really stands out. It has all the normal sailing paraphernalia of flagpoles (signals mast) and aerials. Parking in Flushing is sometimes a challenge, but you can generally find somewhere up the hill. It’s a cul de sac, so in theory there isn’t much traffic.

A common schoolboy error is to turn right onto Flushing Quay, where there is a restaurant and a couple of parking spaces. But no club!

The phone number is  , but you may have to leave a message. Our opening hours are fairly limited, Tuesday and Friday evenings from about 5:30-ish, and Saturdays from about 12.

We have a slipway, and the more adventurous could row, paddle or swim from Falmouth or Penryn, but more practically, the Flushing ferry runs from Prince of Wales pier in Falmouth to Flushing Quay. Unfortunately their operating hours and ours don’t overlap except on a Saturday. Our launch operates on Tuesday and Friday evening and Saturday through the racing season. It will pick up and return racing crews from RCYC and the New Quay. The RCYC launch will also take RCYC members to their boats, and back to the FSC. Call our boatman on VHF ch M1/37. When the tide is right, some boats will pick up crew from the quayside.

The flagpole/signals mast of the clubhouse used to be located at N 50°09.706' W005°04.134'. Once it has been re-erected we’ll update the location



Flushing Sailing Club
New Quay
TR11 5TZ
Boatman: ch M1/37




(old) signals mast