Most racing at FSC is organised in fleets in order to provide fair and competitive events. At present there are eight fleets.

The majority of fleets are handicapped, but two, the Sunbeams and the Firebirds are 'one-designs' and simply race on a 'first past the post' basis.

The Firebirds race in the Multihull fleet, but no other multihull races, so they end up racing one another.

Handicaps (a vexed and contentious issue) are of two main categories: 'Time Correction Factor' (or TCF), where the elapsed time is multiplied by a factor to arrive at a 'corrected' time; or an inverse system (like the old Portsmouth Number) where the elapsed time is divided by a factor to reach the corrected time. The two systems are equivalent, but tradition separates them.

The Working Boats and the Gaffers set their own TCF handicaps, while Q and U classes use IRC TCF ratings. Q, U and W, the white sail (no spinnaker) class, are also scored using Byron Numbers.

IRC ratings are set by an external body. An IRC rating is valid for one calendar year.

Byron Numbers seek to replace the now defunct Portsmouth Numbers for cruising yachts. Again, they are set by an external body, based on boat measurements.

Within the port, other clubs, and more importantly, the Village Regattas, use another Portsmouth Number analogue to give a handicap for cruising yachts (basically our Q, U and W classes). The grandly titled South West Yacht Time Correction System (or YTC) is set by a PoFSA (Port of Falmouth Sailing Association) handicap committee, which meets in suitably darkened rooms and calculates a handicap, based on physical measurements of the yacht. If a cruising yacht wishes to compete in Village Regattas or in Falmouth Sailing Week, it will require a YTC.

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FSC burgee

To race at FSC all boats must have completed Race Registration & entry form, which includes a declaration that the appropriate insurance is in place. The latest incarnation of the form also requests a list of potential crew members, so that we can keep in touch with them, should they so wish.

Racing is not restricted to Club members; payment of the appropriate fee allows an individual to race his or her boat in all races, or selected races.

A list of all registered boats, together with their ratings or handicaps is available here.