Hine Downing series

Tuesday 10 9 13

When OOD Sue Grigg arrived she wanted the Y flag hoisted; this states that all competitors should wear life jackets, because from the moorings we could see plenty of white water. In the Roads we were surprised to see such rough water from a northerly wind because in this direction it is rare to see these conditions. After anchoring several powerful squalls came through churning up the surface even more and the forecast was for the wind strength to increase during the evening. As Sue races in G class she knows their capabilities and so it was decided that their racing should be cancelled and after even more squalls she included V class and these were radioed to the clubhouse. Two or three Sunbeams were already out and when one sailed close by he gave us the thumbs up sign showing that he was happy with the decision, but one or two were disappointed. As the evening drew on, just to be difficult, instead of following the forecast, the wind and sea abated, however at the time they were made the decisions were correct. It was also decided to set short courses so that fleets would not be exposed too long to the forecast worsening weather.

Incite, one of the bigger boats in W class, although well reefed, lead at the first windward mark and then eased sheets and charged away down wind being chased by the rest of the class. Martin Leech, the skipper was happy to be in this position until he saw that they were not following his line so closely and then not at all as they veered away going to a different mark. After a quick re-read of the course instructions he had to make a major change of course and head for the correct mark behind many of the others. He still managed a gallant sixth place out of nine. It was suggested that the class may have a whip round to buy a satnav to help him in the future. Deep Purple was first over the line but had to work hard going to the mark so close to Cleda Mur, the biggest boat in the class.

In U fleet Mandy Owen helmed Aurora to a good start at the pin end and held the lead to the windward mark but on the next downwind leg Paul Collins in Moonlighter overtook by going close inshore. On board Wilkie all went well until the spinnaker was hoisted upside down which explains their still creditable fifth position out of eight.

In Q class John Hick, the owner of Jitterbug, helmed Macavity for the first time and so he was last on the windward leg but he improved on the off wind leg gradually learning how to maximise performance on this slippery high performance boat. I hear that it will be for sale at the end of the season.

In E fleet Hawk was over the line at the start but they returned and restarted and still had second place. Because of the short courses several classes after turning the windward mark hoisted the spinnakers for the run to the next mark but the direct line lead them back through the starting line while others were crossing in the opposite direction. In order to avoid an infringement of rules they were forced to reach across the line with the pole end on the fore stay, not easy in such gusty airs. One unfortunate found himself trapped upwind of a working boat and they lost a lot of ground before they succeeded in falling under the stern of the B class boat

This was the last race of the thirteen week Hine-Downing Series and these are these are the season's results.

Harold Martin

B class.
1st Victory. D. Carne.
2nd Moon. P. Selman.
3rd Rita. J. Peters.

E class.
1st Charley Farley. G. Hughes.
2nd Excelle. J, Fox &T. Claridge.
3rd Temeraire. M. Eddy.

Q class.
1st Encore. D. Cunliffe.
2nd Macavity. J. Murrell.
3rd Tresillian. J. Beavis.

G class.
1st Magpie of Mylor.
2nd Morwennel. N. Glanville.
3rd Dragonfly. M. Maguire.

U class.
1st Gap Year. L. Trenoweth.
2nd Mary Boon. J. Cruise.
3rd Wilkie. B. Chapple.

W class.
1st Wild Child. N. Chamberlain.
2nd Sweet Friday. L. Cheshire.
3rd Amneris. D. Layton.

V class.
1st Verity. N. Andrew.
2nd Whimsey. C. Perkins.
3rd Saucy Sally. J. Lowry & I. Heseltine.

M class.
1st Firefly. C. Gladwell.
2nd Cornish Meadow. S. Hutt.
3rd Crackerjack. M. Webb.