Hine Downing Tuesday points series, 18/8/15

For the second race in the Hine-Downing series the start line was near the Lugo buoy in order to give a north-westerly beat to the Trefusis mark. The sky was overcast and the offshore force 2/3 breeze gave flat seas on a rising tide. Twenty nine racers circled the committee boat waiting for the start but some had difficulty arriving on time because of dense traffic on shore but others needed spinnaker power to overcome the incoming tidal stream as they came down the harbour.

Ten boats set out in Q class and they beat along the St Mawes shore with Jackdaw soon in front. Encore was the first to tack onto starboard and come over west of the Governor but on tacking to go north he found that he was behind Elsa and Jalabeano.

In U class following the same course but five minutes later some stayed well over to the east but Wilkie helmed by Bob Chapple came over to the middle of the Roads and riding flooding tidal stream soon gained the lead. Chris Jelliss in Trifle in third place was enjoying good boat speed but Amneris struggled to get going in the light airs and unusually so did Lennie Trenoweth in Gap Year and a little later he retired from the race. Grubby Kid, a recent addition to the fleet was also moving well going towards the front of the fleet.

Lyulph and Pixy Four Sunbeams started but one was soon left behind and finally only two finished. Five G class started and Dragonfly, with repaired steering gear, soon took the lead and held it all the way round the course to cross the line two and a half minutes clear of Clementine and the two followers and Scallywag retired.Dragon Fly and Scallwag

After turning the windward mark at Trefusis Jackdaw now well clear of the rest hoisted the spinnaker and started the long run to Carricknath. He was chased by a group made up of Elsa, Encore Jalabeano and Temeraire. Suddenly this foursome gybed and instead of following the leader southwards down the Pendennis shore they reached south east towards the Lugo and I wondered whether the course had been mis-read by the leader. Much later and still far in front Jackdaw reached across the Roads and turned Carricknath and started the long beat back. An alert crewman re-read the Race Instructions and told the helm that he had turned the mark in the wrong direction so they immediately returned and completed the manoeuvre correctly and still in the lead beat back to the finish line. This may explain why a six and a half minute at the club only earned fifth place. Elsa crossed the line next followed a minute later by Encore and then another minute later came Jalabeano and Temeraire. As Macavity and Scorpion approached the line it was difficult to tell who was in the lead but Macavity crossed just two seconds ahead, not enough to gain the position on handicap.

In the clubhouse after the race all the competitors were pleased with the courses set but surprised that the wind held up to give such good sport.

Harold Martin