Sailtech Saturday Pursuit series, 02/04/16

Aurora and AriesEight yachts took place in the first Saturday pursuit race of the 2016 season. The weather did not bode well as the forecast was difficult regarding the wind strength. It was continuous heavy rain at 1200 hrs and blowing hard from the SE at home. The rain stopped and the wind was 15 kts at the club by 1300.

The two Folkboats, Aurora and Aries, started followed by the Sonata Trifle, and the GK24s, Wilkie and Kaimana. The rear was brought up by Afrita, Minx and Tai mo Shan. Aurora, Mandy & Dave Owens, led from the start on a starboard beat/fetch to the Governor left to port. Then to Vilt on a run. Trifle, Chris Jellis chased hard in 3rd place flying a spinnaker. A fetch to Trefusis saw Wilkie catching Trifle the two Folkboats still out front

The beat to the Governor saw the first 4 places still in the same order while places changed at the back of the fleet. The places squeezed up after a fetch to Waterloo and on the fetch back to the turning mark near the start line Wilkie overtook Trifle getting into 3rd place. After the turning mark, Minx, Charles Choak, overtook Trifle. The fleet stayed in these positions until Wilkie and Minx overtook Aries the other Folkboat toward the Governor. Trifle chased hard with a spinnaker run from the Governor to Trefusis. Aurora finished in first place with Wilkie in second, Minx came third and Trifle 4th after overtaking Aries, the other Folkboat.

Chris Jelliss

...with added video

For a behind the scenes view of Saturday's racing see Jack Penty's video here, which includes not just an in-depth interview with the winning helm, but exclusive footage of the Help 4 Heroes gig as they start their Epic Row, cream teas, nail biting finishes and unscripted off the cuff comments from the Race Officer, Mike Robson, egged on by Jack.