Hine Downing series

Tuesday 20 8 13

It was one of the season's backwards races in G class because the high tide at five thirty gave plenty of water on which to sail up the creek as far as Ocean BMW and back. They were powered by a force two south westerly which gave a running start but at Coastlines they found a contrary breeze from the north west and this was to be their story for the evening as in the river valley the dying wind shifted several times but at least the late falling tide took them down the river to the finish at the village quay.

The southerly breeze seemed to hold the high water back for longer than expected but when after a long delay it started to fall the strong outgoing stream gave problems for the other competitors trying to finish against a strong foul tide.

After the rush of Falmouth Week there were fewer boats than usual because many Falmouth sailors went east to enjoy the fun and competition of Fowey Week. There were still nearly forty boats out for this week's Hine-Downing Series.

In W class there was a crush at the end of the start line which forced several to be over the line before the signal so they had to do the necessary penalty turns and among them was one of the biggest boats in the fleet sailed by a very experienced skipper, he should have known better. On one long leg of the race the ever youthful Club President managed to steal the wind from Len Cheshire trying to helm Sweet Friday all the way from Pendennis to the Vilt. Justice was done finally because the victim managed to escape this moving wind shadow and get a much better result than the offending Sonata.

In U class Moonshine made a text book start but they could not maintain such a high standard as they drifted backwards through the fleet under a beautiful full moon, they hope to do better next week. In E class Excelle made a very good start and kept their advantage to win the race, but the flukey conditions meant that the helm was always trimming for speed against the tide. Atalanta got away well but for the others one tack was good but the next poor as the wind slowly disappeared and the falling tide strengthened.

Immediately after the race, instead of coming into the clubhouse as usual, Chris bell in Hawk spinnakered back down the harbour to return to Mylor under sail because his engine packed up in the racing last week.

Harold Martin