Skinners Tuesday Points

From the shore the low grey cloud base did not make an attractive scene for the crews as they sailed out towards the line. For the OOD the shifting wind posed an awkward problem and even after deciding, the breeze still varied around the south westerly direction. In spite of these difficulties the fleets enjoyed excellent racing in courses of just the right length and all of them came into the clubhouse in high spirits. There was only one tail ender who struggled a lonely course up the harbour long after the opposition had gone home.

TemeraireOf the early finishers only David Cunliffe in Encore reached up the harbour under spinnaker and profited from the extra power and then John Hick in his recently acquired Macavity followed suit. We all sympathised with Martin Eddy in Temeraire whose shyly flown dark blue spinnaker filled in an almost perfect figure of eight. It took the hard working crew a long time to sort out the problem because the tight waist line half way up seemed to be rigid and stable. Finally after much pulling and tweaking the top half swivelled and the whole sail filled. He was being chased by Excelle who just flew their genoa and caught up an enormous distance as Temeraire suffered a lack of power from the misbehaving sail.

scorpionGeoff Davies in Scorpion gave a master class in spinnaker handling with the foot of the radial pulled bar tight he charged up towards the finish at great speed under full control and the combination of skill and luck with the shifting breeze gave him a well deserved first place. Minx seemed to be at ease as this awkward breeze seemed ideal for this French design.

A convoy of G class gaffers lead by Clementine and Magpie of Mylor was chased by the GK 24 Wilkie and the Folkboat Aurora sailed by the Owens family. For the first time this season the bright orange Nitro was well down the field moving sluggishly, the bottom can't need scrubbing so early in the season!

From the clubhouse it was impossible to sort out the classes as all the competitors mixed together after appearing from behind Trefusis. Incite came across from St Just on one tack after being lifted all the way as the wind kept shifting to their advantage.

Harold Martin