Joint Pursuit Series, 22/9/15

Scorpion spinnakers away The early starters ran down the harbour under spinnakers but as they sailed north east towards the Vilt they were headed and spinnakers were dropped and at the buoy they gybed and sailed south towards Carricknath. Sun lit the Roads brightly but the chill breeze reminded us that this was the last joint FSC-RCYC evening race of the season and cold weather gear was needed. Gap Year was at the front of a convoy followed by an un-entered black gaffer then came Deep Purple and Amneris with a hundred metres between each of them, all reaching south. Winnie in full sail Well back came a group who hoisted their spinnakers as the wind became more from the north west and they were, Quicksilver, Trifle and Ayrshire Lass and they accelerated down the centre of the Roads. Sunbeam Mary and B class Grace were neck and neck as they passed between East and West Narrows, twenty six boats altogether enjoyed the breeze and flat seas. As the passed Lugo Grace had got away from the Sunbeam and slowly overtook Grubby Kid, not surprisingly a GK24.

Far to the rear the last starting boat flew their large white reacher down the harbour and held it to the Vilt where they successfully gybed and carried it all the way to the next mark the far distant Carricknath as they caught up with many earlier starters. After taking Carricknath to starboard most boats beat north west towards Pendennis. Sweet Friday lead Gap Year and Deep Purple north to the next mark. Near the eastern shore Pascos Jaguar came south swiftly but half a kilometre behind, the last starter was fast reaching through the slack water, and already the well sailed Gap Year was eating into the lead of Sweet Friday.

Gap Year narrowly beats Deep Purple to the finish line At the clubhouse we watched the fleet sail up the harbour with Gap Year being caught by the fast moving Deep Purple and within twenty metres of the line the leader, although on starboard tacked allowing him to cross the line first and take the series.

Trifle and Sweet FridayOn last Friday Gap Year won but was disqualified for starting too early, but a failure of communication between FSC and RCYC had not made it clear that the boat sailed in W the white sail class so his position was re-instated and this let him win the series overall. Other close results followed when Trifle overtook Sweet Friday on the last tack closely followed by Macavity. So the series ended dramatically with close competition right to the final tack. Well both clubs!

Harold Martin


coming together
Coming together: handicaps do work!
coming together
Afrita and Pascoes Jaguar about to finish
coming together
Vindscreen Viper, a consistent performer