Hine Downing series

Tuesday 25 6 13

In the last few days the moon has come closer to the earth, according to the experts, so perhaps it was the inverse square law which made the incoming tide so powerful. I have arrived at high office in the club being the OOD for the G class backwards race and after top level discussions, course three was chosen. In the Ops room we were thrilled to see five competitors looking for a good start but at the same time they were aware of the danger of being pushed over the line by the tidal stream and the difficulty of getting back if it did happen. A text book start was made by all and I was impressed by their confidence when Morwennel powered over the line flying their spinnaker for the long run up the creek to the Ocean mark. The turning mark was laid a hundred metres upstream flying a green flag. On the return the second leg was only up to Coastlines and to my dismay as I watched the leader coming towards the finish I realised that I was on the wrong quay so I had to dash from New Quay to Town Quay for the finish between there and the Greenbank Quay opposite. As they approached I had my watch and clipboard ready to record the positions but I had forgotten the hooter, so as Morwennel crossed the line I shouted BANG loudly and recorded the exact time!

It was the third race in the Hine-Downing Summer Series and in E class Jitterbug was first to the windward mark but some of the regular crew were on holiday in Greece or Glastonbury so that although the scratch crew did well they suffered in such a competitive fleet. Hawk did not do as well as expected either and a dirty bottom is thought to be the problem so that it sounds as if a mid season scrub is needed.

In U fleet David and Mandy Owens, having left G class to buy a Nordic Folkboat to challenge Lennie Trenoweth, lead up the first beat in Aurora but they had to put in another tack just before the mark and this allowed Popincoota and Gap Year through but they all passed the buoy close together. The GK 24 escaped on the run but the two Nordics enjoyed their boat for boat tussle and they are hoping that some more Folkboats join them.

At last a good fleet of Sunbeams arrived and in the crush two of them were over the line at the start. I hope now that we will see all ten of them out more often during the rest of the season.

In B class John Peters in Rita kept clear air to win while in the rest of the fleet there were some very close quarters nips and tucks going on and everyone was pleased to see a St Mawes' boat joining in.

In the IRC fleet Macavity, helmed by the very experienced John Murrell, won by more than half a minute from a keen and pot hungry group of challengers. On board Minx a very young crew have plenty of enthusiasm but a lot to learn to get the best from the boat all round the course.

In W class they split in two and Fooster, Cleda Mur and Deep Purple who chose to stay on the Falmouth side for the beat to Pendennis gained ground on the others who crossed the incoming tidal stream to go to the St Mawes' shore.

One racer was very pleased to see his old chemistry teacher working on the committee boat. From the clubhouse we spotted a very large nasty looking jellyfish floating slowly, trailing evil looking streamers along behind. Six months from today it will be Christmas Day so I hope we have plenty of good racing before then.

Harold Martin