Skinners Tuesday points series, 28/4/15

The Officer of the day was Mr A Williams, well known local chef and helmsman ably assisted by Mr A Williams another well known local chef and helmsman and they, father and son served up an excellent course which was well appreciated by all the competitors.

Elsa and Sweet Friday The line was set across the Roads over near the water tower on the St Mawes shore. After anchoring the committee boat a fairly short line was laid so that when thirteen fast and quite large boats appeared the helmsmen had to be alert and the crew quick to avoid any accidents. In the pre start manoeuvres the helm on Macavity had to yank the tiller towards him to pass very close under the stern of Scorpion. On Excelle in the gusty breeze they were pleased to witness the near chaos behind them on the line as they got away. It was Hawk’s first race of the season and so they were happy to cruise around the course as the other race tuned boats pulled away. From M class a solo catamaran demonstrated its speed as it crossed diagonally in front of the Q class travelling twice as fast as the monohulls. The class made a good start on starboard going south towards the windward mark the Governor. Most stayed on the eastern shore but they had to tack onto port to cross to the mark. As they approached quick tacking was needed and it was Per Elisa who was first to turn , the spinnaker was hoisted immediately and they ran north from the buoy and had got a good lead before the next three arrived. The trio came in a tight bunch making it difficult for them but Jackdaw hoisted the distinctive chequered spinnaker and drew away from Afrita and another close chaser. Encore soon caught up with them followed by Orijin and Excelle and unusually near the back Macavity. Scorpion was next and they flew their spinnaker to chase down Macavity’s lead, and at the rear came Tai Mo Shan. U class, having the same course lead by Amneris, in their first race of the year had to beat their way through the bigger spinnaker powered boats and at the mark Quicksilver and Trifle chased by Grubby Kid all put up their spinnakers to sail north. From the cliff above the docks the sight of seventeen multi-coloured spinnakers in line from the Governor to the St Just buoy made a very fine sight. A powerful, battleship grey Border Force patrol vessel quietly motored through the fleet going out to sea and it contrasted strongly against fleet of pleasure boats.

As the leaders finished their long run spinnakers were dropped gennies hoisted and sheeted in for the long beat back. They still had a lot to do in the cold gusting breeze to finish but they enjoyed their outing as it gave them a good thirst for after the race.

Harold Martin