Many of the Club's publications are available through the website. A descriptive list is available through the list of downloads tab on this button. Almost all of them will have been linked elsewhere, but a few extras might creep in.

In addition, the Club publishes the SIs handbook, essential reading for all racers, The FSC Sailing Calendar, which covers the racing season from April through to October, and the Winter Programme, covering the Club's activities from October through to the end of March.

If you are a Race Officer, you will have access to the Race Officer manuals, which currently exist as two A4 books, one for Tuesdays and one for Saturdays. These are either on board the Committee Boat, or in the Ops Room. In the fullness of time (dreckly), they will be collated and published electronically so that you have the opportunity to read through the instructions before arriving at the Clubhouse/Committee Boat.

Race results are published first on the noticeboard in the Clubhouse, and then go on the website within a day or so.

Various notices will appear on the Club noticeboard, either of direct relevance to the Club, like Changes to Instructions, or Pursuit Starting Times (which often appear on the windows, facing out), or more generally, such as out of port Regattas, pleas for help, or occasionally boats for sale. There is also a loose-leaf book in which details of boats for sale should go.