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Positions of marks used in racing

Courses use a mixture of special racing marks and navigation buoys. When the courses are announced, racing marks may be identified by their sponsor's name. On the charts their abbreviation is used. Sponsored marks will have the sponsor's name stencilled on them, which may ease identification.

The positions given below are likely to be approximate, especially for the sponsored racing marks, although every effort is made to locate them precisely. Use them as a guide.

St Mawes (Lugo) south Cardinal is listed here, but it is not a mark of any course. However all Sailing Instructions require that boats shall keep to seaward of this mark while racing. East Narrows is also listed, but it is not a racing mark, except during Falmouth Sailing Week.

Buoy nameAbbreviationDescriptionLat.Long.
Black Rock BuoyBRPort lateral50.1455.029
CarickCKStarboard lateral50.1935.046
Castle CAStarboard lateral50.1505.028
Cream CornwallCCnamed50.1635.035
East NarrowsENStarboard lateral50.1575.031
Falmouth Boat Co.Znamed50.1365.018
Flip Flop ShopMnamed50.1255.080
GovernorGEast cardinal50.1535.040
Hine DowningHDnamed50.1385.042
MessackMEStarboard lateral50.1895.039
Meudon HotelRnamed50.1105.070
Mylor Chandlery & RiggingWnamed50.1605.032
Mylor Yacht HarbourPWnamed50.1755.039
Mylor Yacht Harbour (Sunbeam)SSunbeam50.1675.045
NareNno name50.0895.082
North BankNBPort lateral50.1735.036
Pasco’s BoatyardPBnamed50.1795.024
Pendennis ShipyardPnamed50.1465.035
Penrose SailmakersTnamed50.1625.050
Penryn Dental PracticeGYnamed50.1385.060
PillPLStarboard lateral50.1975.040
SKB SailsCNnamed50.1465.020
St JustJPort lateral50.1745.029
St Mawes (Lugo)*StMSouth cardinal50.1505.024
St Mawes SC T flagST50.1575.006
West NarrowsWNPort lateral50.1575.039
Ancasta (WT)

WT (Ancasta)

Cream Cornwall (CC)

CC (Cream Cornwall)

Navigation buoys used as racing marks

the Governor (G)

G (the Governor)

North Bank (NB)

NB (North Bank)

Vilt (V)

V (Vilt)

St Just (J)

J (St Just)

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