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Marks used in Racing

Courses use a mixture of special racing marks and navigation buoys. When the courses are announced, racing marks may be identified by their sponsor's name. On the charts their abbreviation is used. Sponsored marks will have the sponsor's name stencilled on them, which may ease identification.

The positions given below are likely to be approximate, especially for the sponsored racing marks, although every effort is made to locate them precisely. Use them as a guide.

Note that the position of T (Penrose Sailmakers) has been changed slightly since 2021 in an effort to reduce the effect of the wind shadow off Trefusis Point.

The table lists all the marks which are likely to be used in racing, including marks associated with COGs races and Falmouth Sailing Week (the more distant marks used for the Bay Champagne Race). Village regattas often lay their own temporary marks, details of which will be in their Sailing Instructions.

Entries in red are marks which are laid and recovered on a daily, weekly or event-by-event basis. They are all red, yellow, orange or black inflatable marks, with the exception of Porthallow (P) which during Falmouth Sailing Week becomes a named pink spherical mark. Note that Old Wall (Ow) has 'POFSA' stencilled on it.

St Mawes (Lugo) south Cardinal is listed here, but it is not a mark of any course. However all Sailing Instructions require that boats shall keep to seaward of this mark while racing. East Narrows is also listed, but it is not a racing mark, except during Falmouth Sailing Week.

Additionally, FSC and RCYC now use a ‘gate’ formed by the two buoys (“Buoy 1” and “Buoy 2”) which mark the boundary of the six-knot speed limit restriction in Falmouth inner harbour. These two marks are shown in green.

Buoy/mark nameAbbrev.DescriptionLat.Long.
AncastaWtnamed50° 10.13'N 005° 01.90'W
Bay Binflatable50° 06.50'N 005° 00.00'W
Black RockBrPort lateral50° 09.00'N 005° 01.65'W
BohellaBoyellow cone50° 09.30'N 005° 00.95'W
Buoy 1(gate)Fl(5)Y.20s 50° 09.54'N 005° 03.12'W
Buoy 2(gate)unlit50° 09.60'N 005° 03.18'W
CarickCkStarboard lateral50° 11.59'N 005° 02.74'W
Castle CaStarboard lateral50° 09.00'N 005° 01.65'W
Central Cinflatable50° 07.20'N 005° 02.00'W
Cream CornwallCcnamed50° 09.80'N 005° 02.09'W
East NarrowsEnStarboard lateral50° 09.43'N 005° 01.89'W
Falmouth Finflatable50° 09.50'N 005° 03.54'W
Falmouth Boat CoZnamed50° 08.15'N 005° 01.10'W
GovernorGEast Cardinal50° 09.15'N 005° 02.40'W
Greeb Grinflatable50° 10.00'N 004° 57.00'W
Gull Rock GullProminent islet 50° 11.72'N 004° 54.32'W
Gweek Boatyard Nnamed50° 05.36'N 005° 04.91'W
Helston Hnamed50° 05.55'N 005° 00.75'W
Hine DowningHdnamed50° 08.39'N 005° 02.76'W
LugoStMSouth cardinal50° 09.10'N 005° 01.3 'W
Manacles McEast Cardinal50° 02.81'N 005° 01.91'W
MessackMeStarboard lateral50° 11.31'N 005° 02.22'W
Meudon Hotel Rnamed50° 06.51'N 005° 04.20'W
Mylor RiggingWnamed50° 09.60'N 005° 01.93'W
Mylor Yacht HarbourPwnamed50° 10.48'N 005° 02.37'W
North BankNbPort lateral50° 10.34'N 005° 02.26'W
Northern Ainflatable50° 08.10'N 005° 02.50'W
Old Wall Ownamed50° 07.35'N 005° 00.55'W
Pasco‚Äôs BoatyardPbnamed50° 10.75'N 005° 01.45'W
Pendennis ShipyardPnamed50° 08.78'N 005° 02.10'W
Penrose SailmakersTnamed50° 09.60'N 005° 03.00'W
Penryn Dental Practice Gynamed50° 08.30'N 005° 03.60'W
PillPlStarboard lateral50° 12.05'N 005° 02.40'W
Porthallow Pnamed50° 05.10'N 005° 03.30'W
SailTechSnnamed50° 09.30'N 005° 01.79'W
SKB SailsCnnamed50° 08.73'N 005° 01.22'W
St JustJPort lateral50° 10.44'N 005° 01.72'W
St Mawes SC T flaGStturning mark50° 09.42'N 005° 00.36'W
SunbeamSnamed50° 09.99'N 005° 02.63'W
SW Ventilation Mnamed50° 07.50'N 005° 04.80'W
ViltVStarboard lateral50° 09.99'N 005° 02.28'W
West NarrowsWnPort lateral50° 09.39'N 005° 02.07'W

WT (Ancasta)

cream cornwall

CC (Cream Cornwall)

the Governor

G (Governor)


St Mawes (Lugo)

Mylor Yacht Harbour

PW (Mylor Yacht Harbour)

North Bank

ST (St Mawes SC T)

St Mawes ST

NB (North Bank)

St Just

J (St Just)


V (Vilt)

West Narrows

WN (West Narrows)


the “gate”, Buoys 1 & 2