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Starting in May 2018 we have published a Newsletter which is sent out monthly to all Club members with a known email address. Now under the curatorship of Jack Penty, it has been re-branded as Mainsheet. The Mainsheet should be published about the middle of the month.

In addition, Club members do receive occasional group emails from the Membership Secretary on a variety of administrative matters, usually reminding them of the necessity to re-join, to submit their race entry forms before racing, and the niceties of the Data Protection legislation.







Question: I’m a club member, why don’t I receive the Newsletter?

Answer:There are a few possible reasons:

1. it has been delivered, but it’s in your Spam or Junk folder: this is probably the most likely reason. If you browse through those folders and mark the email as ‘not junk/spam’ you will likely start to see the emails from the Club. A better solution is to add the Club’s address to your address book. This ensures the Club is seen as a ‘friend’. The regular Newsletters are sent from Become friends.
2. we’ve got your email wrong: often a handwritten address can be hard to decipher, and computers aren’t as good as a regular postman in guessing.
3. your mailbox is full and rejects any incoming mail. Time to Spring-clean.