Flushing Sailing Club

Penrose Sails Champagne
Pursuit Series 2020

Sailing Instructions and Courses

  1. Dates: Five Race Pursuit Series, all Saturdays, 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th, and 31st of October.
  2. Race Organisation: The series will be run by Flushing Sailing Club and will comprise five Pursuit Races. FSC Sailing Rules and Instructions will apply, except as amended herein.
  3. Race Entry: All boats that have met FSC requirements of Race Entry are eligible to race.
  4. Courses: There will be no course signals, the courses are set out for each race in these sailing instructions.
  5. Start Line: The start line will be the line through the transits at FSC. There will be no outer distance mark laid, but boats must be aware of the rules regarding sailing in the moorings.
  6. Starting:
    1. No starting signals will be given. Start times will be based on SWYTC handicaps where possible. Start times will be displayed on the club website at least 24 hours before the start. If your boat is not listed, a request for a start time must be made by 12.00hrs on the Friday prior to racing to Malcolm Clark or John Hicks.
    2. Start times are subject to change by the Flushing Sailing Club Sailing Secretary. The start times for the first three boats will be adjusted later by 2 minutes and the start times for the last three boats will be adjusted to 2 minutes earlier for the start of the next race in the series. You will be told by email or telephone of the adjustment. The published table of start times will not be updated. A Radio Clock will be used for monitoring all boats starting times.
    3. Boats that start before their start time may be recalled by the Race Officer on VHF Channel 72. A boat that fails to start correctly will be disqualified without redress by the race committee. Failure to transmit or to hear a VHF recall will not be grounds for protest.
  7. Finishing: The Finish line will be the transits at FSC, and all competitors are asked to record the details of the boat in front and behind. Please hand in the details to Malcolm Clark or John Hicks no later than the following day 12.00hrs.
  8. Scoring: The order in which the boats cross the finish line will determine the scoring. Points will be awarded in accordance with the RRS Low Points System, Appendix A4. There will be NO discards in this series.
  9. Time Limit: The time limit will be 17.00hrs.
  10. Configuration: Competitors are reminded that a boat entering this series must stay in the same configuration through the entire series, changing from White Sail to Spinnaker and vice versa is not allowed. The prizegiving will take place at the Annual Prize Giving at 8.00pm on Saturday 14th November.


Light winds

This course will be signalled in the event of light winds by flag "S" over "L" at FSC flagstaff.

TPenrose Sailmakers Mark (Trefusis)Port
VVilt BuoyStarboard
SNSailtech MarkStarboard
GGovernor BuoyPort
CACastle BuoyPort
WNWest Narrows BuoyPort
FinishDistance 5.25 Miles

Saturday 3rd October 2020

Tide: LW 13.40 BST 0.7m, HW 19.13 BST 5.2m.

WN West Narrows Buoy Port
VVilt Buoy Starboard
VCastle Buoy Starboard
VGGovernor Buoy Port
CNSKB Sails Mark Starboard
BRBlack Rock Buoy Starboard
SNSailtech Mark Port
TPenrose Sailmakers Mark Starboard
JSt Just Buoy Port
Finish Distance 10.7 Miles

Saturday 10th October 2020.

Tide: HW 11.21 BST 4.1m, LW 17.32 BST 2.10m.

TPenrose Sailmakers Mark Starboard
GGovernor Buoy Port
CACastle Buoy Port
VVilt Buoy Starboard
JSt Just Buoy Port
CK Carrick Buoy Starboard
PL Pill Buoy Starboard
ME Messack Buoy Starboard
NB North Bank Buoy Starboard
Finish Distance 8.44 Miles

Saturday 17th October 2020.

Tide: LW 12.55 BST 0.2m, HW 18.31 BST 5.6m.

ST St Mawes ST Mark Starboard
BRBlack Rock Buoy Starboard
TPenrose Sailmakers Mark Starboard
SNSailtech Mark Starboard
GGovernor Buoy Starboard
V Vilt Buoy Starboard
WN West Narrows Buoy Starboard
Finish Distance 9.09 Miles

Saturday 24th October 2020.

Tide: HW 11.42 BST 4.1m, LW 18.29 BST 1.9m.

TPenrose Sailmakers Mark Port
NB North Bank Buoy Starboard
SNSailtech Mark Starboard
GGovernor Buoy Port
CNSKB Sails Mark Port
WN West Narrows Port
Finish Distance 7.56 Miles

Saturday 31st October 2020.

Tide: LW 11.36 GMT 0.8m, HW 17.12 GMT 5.1m.

GGovernor Buoy Port
JSt Just Buoy Port
TPenrose Sailmakers Mark Port
JSt Just Buoy Port
Finish Distance 6.90 Miles
FSC burgee


My start time isn't included. What do I do? Contact John Hicks or Malcolm Clark, at least 24 hours prior to racing.

My start time has changed from last week! What's going on? You were either in the first three finishers (congratulations), or the last three (commiserations).

My boat is listed twice. Why? The first entry is a no spinnaker start time; the second assumes the use of a spinnaker. Once you elect to sail with or without spinnaker, you must continue in the same configuration for the whole series.

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