Cockwells Saturday Points series, 9th July

We had an email from Brittany saying what a gorgeous day it was. Not here! I looked at the FHC anemometer and it was showing 25 kts dropping to 20 kts and then the trend was up. Manky old low nimbus and spots of rain.

Dan and Polly Tregaskes wisely cancelled all the open boats, which made for a colourful flagpole and set group 6 SW for the 6 yachts braving the strong winds for the last of the Cockwells sponsored Saturday series race on Saturday 9th July 2016.

Q class went off the club line at 1355 and Charles Choak in Minx had a sailover.

Three brave U class then went at 1400 hrs. On Trifle we had a great clubhouse end start and held the two GK24s off as we rounded the moorings towards Frigate and Caldy buoys. St Just to starboard was the first mark and the two GKs had reefed mainsails but bigger genoas compared to our tiny blade no 2. Chuck it up and see how we get on was the call so Trifle set a kite!!!! Wow what a ride, dead downwind sometimes by the lee but we carried it through some big gusts and kept ahead of Wilkie, Bob Chapple and Kaimana, Nigel and Jess Rowe.

W class set off with Len Cheshire in Sweet Friday setting a good old-fashioned mainsail flattener which kept coming out. He stayed ahead of Mike Robson in Amneris for the course. Mind you they both need to go back to Specsavers to read the correct course, having decided that they had missed out a buoy. Itís alright, no outside assistance!!

We dumped the kite early and powered up with our No2 toward the Trefusis shore on a port beat on Trifle. A tactical error ensued when we tacked too soon allowing Wilkie & Kiamana to stand on into the shore. Wilkie got us when we tried to get back to the Trefusis lift and we lost ground. Wilkie rounded Trefusis to port and the three of us set off for St Just once more. It was howling!! No kite this time and we gained a few yards by an early gybe. The next beat for home and the finish saw Trifle get her act together and took Wilkie, just on a port tack standing into the shore. From then on having the windward advantage! And crew weight! Trifle finished first, beating Wilkie in the series as well.

Len Cheshire beat Amneris by a three and a half minute margin on corrected time. Well done Len.

Dan and Polly then did a great job providing teas and biscuits as the tea rota had an hiccup. Dan also proved master of sleight of hand having rescued a flag halyard from the top of the pole, lost a few weeks ago!! Thanks to Jeannette for spotting, Inez for results and Giles for bringing us home.

No Saturday racing at Flushing until Flushing Village Regatta in three weeks time. Iím off to paint a house so see you in three weeks

Chris Jelliss