Crew and Junior helm races, 14th July

Frankly, a very disappointing turnout, with one sole entrant in both Q and U class.

A crack Race Committee team had assembled, Roger Little, Bill Hunt, Dennis Moore and Len Cheshire, but where were the boats?

RampageRampage appeared in her stealth colours. They were obviously using this as practise for the Half-Ton Cup next month. With a complement of at least eight it was hard to guess who the 'crew' helm might be. They set off with spinnaker flying.

RebeccaWilkie represented U class, with Rebecca Hean at the helm. She also flew her spinnaker as she left the harbour on her way to Carricknath.

And that was it.

You really could not have asked for a better evening to race. A good breeze, sunshine: all we needed was competition.

What's the problem? Are helms reluctant to yield their tillers/wheels? Are crews too intimidated by the sheer mastery that their helms exhibit week on week out? Are lives too busy to manage yet another evening's sailing? But full points to Rampage for finding a full crew on a Thursday. Is Thursday the wrong day? Suggestions on a postcard please.

It will be interesting to see whether next week's single handed race manages to attract more entrants.