Hine Downing 1st Tuesday points series, 19th July

Bold race management by Len Cheshire and his excellent team enabled a short “driftathon” race to occur on a beautifully warm evening in the Carrick Roads, where some Race Officers may have decided to abandon racing with the dreaded “N” over “A” flags. Forty nine boats managed to reach the Committee Boat and despite the lack of any wind it was surprising that nobody was over at their start although it did take some boats almost 5 minutes to clear the line after their start. Sensibly the Race Officer, who obviously had some paint to watch dry, decided to apply mercy to all fleets at the end of their first legs after 4 boats had retired through either boredom or a desire to get to the bar first or in the case of the crew of Socrates to have an early night.

The two Firebirds despite being capable of speeds over 20 knots, hit a maximum of 1.3 knots as they drifted least slowly to their early finish – with Mirri easily winning the race back to the chips. The large IRC boats in Q Class (what does the “Q” stand for?) spread across the first leg which at various points was a beat, then a run, then a reach, then a fetch and barely managed to avoid kedging. Robbie Tregear helming Per Elisa finished first, followed by David Cunliffe on his modified Laser 28 with Penzance’s very own Geoff Davies gaining third after a trip to explore wind patterns “up north” in the river. The 14 smaller boats in U Class alleviated the boredom of numerous rounds of “I Spy” with racing some of the bigger Q Class boats with Peter Jellis on Trifle winning from Mandy Owens in Aurora and the turkey-landers led by Alan Grose on Popincoota coming in third. Under the Byron scoring system Ron Jones on Deep Purple came second with Aries helmed by David Mitchell in his first Tuesday night race coming third; this fleet was again the largest on the night. The 5 Sunbeams were led home by David & Emma Mantle in Whimsey, by two nail biting seconds from Nigel Glanville on Ivy and Neil & Julie Hopkins on Mary. The White Sail fleet was won by Mike Chard and his crew, with a combined age of 236, on the Sonata – Puffin, followed home by Robin Roebuck on Thirteen and in third Mike Robson on Amneris. The Gaffers were led home by Sue Grigg on Katie, Magpie in second and Alan Perham on Clementine in third. The six B Class Working Boat Class was won by Grace whose helm had obviously learnt some important lessons from last weeks 9 year old skipper, second was Winnie followed in third by John Peters helming Rita.

The record for drinking a barrel of Skinners Lushingtons was broken again and the warm evening allowed many of the sailors to enjoy the banter & bragging on the Quay and to watch the sunset. Perhaps next week we will have some more wind please.

Dave Owens