Hine Downing 1st Tuesday points series, 26th July, Final Race

Tuesday 26th July 2016 proved that the quintessential summer weather is with us. South-westerly warm, wet, wind all over the place in direction and velocity. Paul Collins the Race Officer placed the committee boat on the eastern shore close to the W buoy and the shallows. A good beat to Governor sorted all the classes out with the big shifts and ever strengthening flood tide. This was the ultimate race for the Hine Downing series 1.

M class Firebirds started with 4 on the line. Mirri, on starboard tack with Alistair Wright on board got a great start and soon made gains on the rest of the fleet becoming the overall winner for the race. Ultra Violet, Peter Stephens being the series winner.

Q class had a crowded start with 12 yachts all trying to get the prime position. Afrita, Andrew Laming looked good but it was Encore, David Cunliffe who had the cream position.

U class was just as crowded with 10 yachts piling in toward the committee boat end. Jerry Windebank on Quicksilver, ever the gentleman, let Aurora, Mandy Owens through a slender gap thus opening a slot for Trifle, Chris Jelliss. What happened behind? I donít know!

Five Sunbeams then took off and some very close racing ensued with Jeff Martin on Wendy fighting back from 4th place to an eventual win. Ivy, Nigel Glanville taking second place and the series winner.

Four G class gaffers started and enjoyed the frequent bouts of liquid sunshine and ever shifting wind. Magpie of Mylor, Georgia Witchell was the winner and also took the pole position for the series.

Five W class boats started and Puffin, Mike Chard chased Len Trenoweth, Gap Year, all over the course. Gap Year won and also took the series.

Four B class working boats braved the warm soggy wind with Nellie Mae, Richard Carter taking the winning slot. Arthur Williams in Winnie came 3rd but won the series.

11 Q class rounded the Governor and set spinnakers for a run to St Just. Miss Whiplash, Paul Pullen having rounded first, went off towards the St Mawes shore. A training run we think, in advance of the forthcoming Half Ton Cup! Rampage, John Hicks took an early lead on the rest of the fleet. David Cunliffe in Encore had a battle royal with Martin Eddy in Temeraire eventually coming second to Demolition, Mel Sharpe. Per Elisa who did not sail took the series win.

On Trifle we took off on a starboard tack and after struggling with very shifty wind managed to get an incredible lift aided by an ever-increasing lee bow tide toward Governor rounding second to Quicksilver. A windward kite launch sent us on port pole gybe toward North Bank. Ron Jones in Deep Purple set his enormous mast head spinnaker and blanked the wind for the next light year ahead rounding North Bank in second place to Quicksilver. Having rounded the buoy we did a short port tack toward Trefusis shore. A big header forced the tack.

We then went up on an ever-increasing breeze lee bowing the tide and following Encore in Q class toward the docks. A short port tack saw us take pole position round Trefusis. A starboard pole kite run to Waterloo (aka Rustler Yachts) increased our lead and the beat back to Governor saw some incredible wind shifts. One was 90 degrees!! The port beat back to the finish line saw us nearly 4 minutes ahead of Popincoota, Alan Grose. Trifle took the win and the series both in IRC and Byron ratings.

Thanks to our sponsors Hine Downing, the RO Paul Collins, Kaye Price, committee boat, Inez, Jack and Jeannette in the ops room. A busy evening in the bar ensued with numerous tales of derring do and witty banter.

Flushing Village Regatta on Saturday.

Chris Jelliss