Flushing Fowey Flushing passage race, 18th June 2016

At 1030 on Saturday 18th June a small but exceedingly select fleet left FSC on time heading for Fowey. After an exceedingly exciting one tack sail they crossed the Royal Fowey Yacht Club finish line just over 4 hours later. A quick consultation was held with all the competitors who unanimously decided to start the return leg from the Royal Fowey line two minutes after the last boat finished. The return leg was again quite exciting and accomplished on one tack (apart from a woopsie off Dodman) to finish again just over 4 hours later at the Flushing Sailing Club line. All the race boat crew would like to thank the Race Officer for organising the start and the results team for their works. Thanks too to the race sponsor, Falmouth Tyres.

Jack Penty