Hine Downing 1st Tuesday points series, 21st June

Midsummers Day? The Druids gave us showers and light winds which threatened to reduce to nothing as I took Race Officer John Hicks out to Lizzie the committee boat for the third in the Hine-Downing series of races. Aided by Kaye, Gay and Inez he put the start line south of the Vilt buoy where 47 yachts came to race. A large superyachty boaty thingy was anchored nearby but soon went into Pendennis for an oil change which left the Roads clear for sailing.

Four Firebirds started at 1815 as the wind had increased and settled to a F3. Ultra Violet, Peter Stephens did a superb port end flyer and took an early and sustained lead around the 5.8-mile course.

A dozen Q class yachts fanned out along the start line with Minx, Charles Choak trying an unsuccessful port flyer. On Trifle we made a quick dash for the committee boat end, deciding not to push our luck. Q class went up the beat with most boats holding starboard tack toward the eastern shore. They rounded Castle to port setting spinnakers to Vilt.

Eight U class yachts went off, all on starboard tack with Trifle, Chris Jelliss and Kaimana, Nigel and Jess Rowe maneuvering for pole position. Ron Jones in Deep Purple took an early lead of two boat lengths on the first tack and rounded Castle to port ahead of Trifle. Spinnakers set for the long haul to Penarrow buoy off Mylor. Ron held his lead with Trifle behind him and a gaggle of 6 maneuvering for clear air behind.

Five Sunbeams came out to beat to Castle, run to Trefusis, back to Castle, run to Trefusis and finish on the club line as they prefer windward leeward courses. Wendy, sailed by Geoff Martin took an early lead and led to the finish. Pixy, sailed by Lyulph Hesling came in 21 seconds behind, very close racing indeed

Five W class yachts started beating to West Narrows and then to Trefusis. Gap Year, Len Trenoweth took an early lead finishing ahead of Amneris, Mike Robson. Len Cheshire on Sweet Friday had a frustrating sail with one of those nights where no matter what you do the boat just seems lifeless.

3 G class yachts had a short course of 3.6 miles beating to Castle then down to Vilt and home. Dragonfly, Mike Maguire came first ahead of Miss Agnes, Mike Rangecroft.

Ten B class Working Boats came out to flex their muscles ahead of their World Championships next weekend. With their huge sail area they soon covered the 5.8-mile course and looked resplendent coming up the harbour to finish. Oh for some sunshine! Victory was just ahead of Abigail Rose as the final few yards to the finish closed.

General Khaos, Ian Jakeways led the Q class fleet home but was beaten on IRC handicap by Demolition, Mel Sharp and Temeraire, Martin Eddy. Ron Jones finished first in U class with Popincoota , Alan Grose taking Trifle on the reach into the finish. Trifle was first however on IRC handicap.

Our thanks to Hine-Downing sponsors, the committee boat crew, and Jeannette and Sue in the ops room spotting and processing the results. The club was buzzing and a barrel of Skinners Lushington demolished. Mike Chard was proudly showing pictures of his Sonata, Puffin all antifouled and polished ready for the long awaited launch date. Fingers crossed Roger!

Chris Jelliss