Penrose Sails Champagne pursuit series, 1st October

A fully crewed Minx

A fully crewed Minx (including Coco)

The mighty Hawk

Hawk, preparing to spinnaker. Despite the weather they stayed dry until they came back in the launch.

Miss Whiplash

Miss Whiplash at the start

Minnie the Minx running

Minnie gets that spinnaker going as she powers down the harbour

Miss Whiplash

Closely pursued by Miss Whiplash

Vindscreen Viper: launching gennaker

Vindcreen Viper and the spinnaker; a play in four scenes

who tied that?

who tied that?

oh dear

lets put this thing away

let's put it away, people are looking

Black Dog returns

Black Dog returns

Inez and Roger on duty

Inez and Roger keeping track of events, glued to their binoculars

Mary Boon led by Vindscreen Viper

Vindscreen Viper gets ahead of Mary Boon in the closing minutes of the pursuit

Mary Boon

Mary Boon

Aries and Juno

Aries leads Juno to the finish line


Aries crossing the line