Hine Downing Tuesday Points Series Two 15/8/17: Race 2 of 5

Having partially recovered from the delights of 12 races in Falmouth Week I got on the boat early to put the club race sails on and sort out the stirred interior. There seemed to be a good breeze coming down the Penryn River but by the time the crew arrived and we slipped the moorings it had tailed off quite markedly. Stuart Higgins the race officer and his team placed the committee boat close to the South Narrows buoy and set a fairly short line giving Vilt to port as the windward mark in the NW wind. Low water had passed and the wind was there or there abouts.

Thirty-Four Yachts came to the start line and first away were three Firebirds in M class. The start was difficult for all classes as there was precious little room to make a starboard hitch toward the committee boat end. There were numerous wicked wocks sticking out from the exposed low water shore. The three Firebirds piled in from windward rounded the committee boat and sailed the line dipping over and back till the horn. Firefly, Colin James seemed to take the better line as Crackerjack, Mike Webb and Cornish Meadow, Steve Hutt got headed and were traversing the St Just shore.

Six Q class yachts then entered the fray and again made an orderly procession round the committee boat and traversed the line. Jackdaw with Bob Warren at the helm almost overcooked it and just made the pin end on starboard tack as the horn sounded. The fleet soon split with some going right onto port tacks as the shifts came through.

Eleven U class yachts were next and again we filtered into the line and ran it till the horn signalled our start. ’Twas crowded and there were several shouts for windward yachts to “Go up”. On Trifle we were middle for diddle on the line and soon got clear air and accelerated out of the bunch. One by one the boats to windward tacked off and we saw a gap and went as we were being headed quite badly. The shifts were quite gentle but substantial and the Tacktick earned its keep on the windward beat.

Four V class Sunbeams then went for it and were followed 5 minutes later by four W class yachts. Five G class Gaffers then took to the course and were followed by a lonely Cousin Jack, Peter Searle in B class. The rest of the working boat fleet were probably ensconced in the various watering holes at Fowey!

Trifle made the Vilt ahead of Popincoota, Alan Grose and a starboard pole kite was set with the wind almost by the lee. Eeney Meeny, which side of the committee boat and pin shall we go? The wind went left and decided it for us as I could see Lugo Rock south cardinal inside the committee boat. We rounded that and gybed to port pole to go to St Mawes Turning mark. As we approached the mark I called for a genoa hoist but big brother said it was kiteable back to Black Rock lateral, our final mark! So it was and a beat back to the club line followed with Popincoota and Deep Purple, Ron Jones trying to play catch-up.

Cousin Jack had the inevitable sail over. Crackerjack won the Multihulls ahead of Cornish Meadow and Firefly. Katy, Sue Grigg won the G class some 11 minutes ahead of Nick Bradley in Charm. Martin Eddy in Temeraire won the Q class beating Tai Mo Shan, Neil Chamberlain by 3 minutes on corrected time. Trifle, Chris Jelliss won U class beating Deep Purple. Ivy, Nigel Glanville beat Pixy, Lyulph Hesling in the Sunbeams and Len Cheshire in Sweet Friday beat Puffin, Mike Chard on handicap.

Thanks to the committee boat crew, radio, flags and spotters all. The ops room trio Jeannette, Jenny and Nessie, Malcolm for results, Giles the launch and the caterers, and lastly the handy helpers behind the bar, Alan and Sue.

Saturday sees the “Midsummer Regatta”. Looking at the liquid sunshine it doesn’t appear very middy or summery.

Chris Jelliss