Midsummer Regatta 19th August 2017

midsummer regattaThe dawn came up with the promise of warm weather and a max of 14kts wind When I got to the club it was fair howling down the Penryn River. Sue Grigg the race officer set group 7 westerly and course 5 for U class. Len Cheshire arrived at the club and looked forlorn. No crew! OK we were short so he decided to slum it and pass on previous Sonata knowledge with us on Trifle.

CharmFive boats came to the U class line and they were followed by a lonely G class in the shape of Charm sailed by Nick Bradley. The tide was making and we went up the line on starboard with 30 seconds to go to the hoot! Bear away and set a starboard pole kite. Gaye took control of the sheet and guy as Len went to drop the no 2 headsail. Well, we will have to gybe sooner or later. Later, much later, as it turned out as we sailed by the lee, dead down wind and by the lee etc etc while making a rhumb line for Lugo Rock South Cardinal. The course was St Mawes Turning Mark to starboard, Castle to starboard, Governor to starboard, Vilt to starboard, Waterloo to starboard and back to the club. Eventually I managed to get Len to wrestle the sheet out of Gayes grip and with Sonny holding the boom out we set a goodly pace to the cardinal. Popincoota, Alan Grose and Jane Goddard went high toward Black Rock and Kaimana, Nigel and Jess Rowe went low on a port pole kite. Bob Chapple in Wilkie was snapping at our heels and Rocket Ron Jones who was still attached to terra firma close to the start was giving it beans somewhere back there in Deep Purple.

Popincoota played the angles or were they angels? She went round Lugo Rock buoy at a cracking pace some 20 boat lengths ahead of us. Kaimana now on starboard pole, decided to do an early gybe so I saw my chance and slipped under his port quarter to keep the inside track at the buoy still by the lee. Then as we approached the buoy Len and Gaye did an awesome gybe and we took two boat lengths out of Nigel and Jess who, two handed, were doing a fantastic job!

St Mawes Turning mark was rounded and I found out later that Rocket Ron tried to gybe the mark with kite in full flurry and found himself propelled up the Percuil river. It was a different wind to Tuesday Ron! A reachy, beaty track to Castle ensued with Popincoota being gently reeled in by Trifle. Gaye was playing the headsail cross-winched for all it was worth and more. We then had a beat to Governor and managed to overhaul Popincoota by playing the big shifts in the gusty wind.

Jess and KaimanaThen another reachy, beaty course to Vilt ensued. Earlier we had considered a kite. Unwise as it turned out! And we set a starboard pole kite, which allowed Popincoota to sail right past us with white sails a flurry. The boats behind white sailed also. Did we lose out? Dunno but it was great sailing and very enjoyable. Went up high before the buoy and dropped low for the kite drop. All down and started the beat for home. We were out pointing Popincoota and eventually overhauled her on starboard tack. Looking back I saw Kaimana going much higher followed by Wilkie and Rocket Ron in the distance. A massive header as we approached the docks provided the much-needed tack to the Trefusis shore and we managed to take Popincoota a fair way in to the rocks. The subsequent starboard tack looked good but gave way to a gradual header but was still the making tack.

WilkieA few more short tacks up the river and we saw the F in red on the quay wall, (donít read that aloud!) Sue Grigg gave a double toot and signalled a finish. Well we had all had a great sail why go and spoil it by going around again? Teas and cakes were superb thanks to lovely Hayley! Thanks to Inez and Jeannette in the ops room and Malcolm (marooned ashore due to an Aurora malfunction) for the results, Sue for a great course and setting us off, Giles for bringing us home.

There was a fantastic atmosphere in the club post racing with some very charming Charm crew, Sweet Friday remnants, Trifle assortments and Wilkie waifs all eating cake, drinking tea and swilling beer in a convivial conference overseen by Giles the launch and Sue the RO. Tomorrow sees a gert Hurricane remnant come through. hope your mooring lines are secure! Byron results show as Trifle, Popincoota, Wilkie, Kaimana and Purple. Hope to get some IRC results which may reflect some changes! See you Tuesday.

Chris Jelliss