Hine Downing Tuesday Points Series One 11/7/17: Race 6 of 8

Thirty-Five boats braved the dull misty warm sector weather for the sixth Hine Downing One series at Flushing Sailing Club on Tuesday 11th July 2017. Paul Evans the race officer placed Lizzie the committee boat over on the eastern shore and selected group 7 westerly from the courses. The wind came and went, as did the visibility! To fly a genoa or no 2? Well we went for the genoa and it proved right. But not without doubts before the start!

Q classThree Firebirds took off like scalded cats from the committee boat end on starboard tack. The fresh breeze and combined short choppy sea making them bounce as they made toward the Falmouth Boat Co (Trefusis) buoy windward mark.

U classNext off were ten Q class yachts in a tight knit gaggle beating towards the docks and almost disappearing into the new wave of claggy mist. They were followed 5 minutes later by ten U class yachts who spread out on the start line and went off on starboard hitch into a freshening breeze. Popincoota tried a port end flyer off the pin end but was soon put about by the approaching masses.

W class The four Sunbeams sailing a race officer’s choice windward leeward course. W fleet had a four-boat entry with a fairly short course. Finally five working boats of B class took off with their respective lady helms showing the men how to sail.

Where were the Gaffers? you ask. Another of their backwards races, but the mists put this mostly superannuated class off and they stayed home, apart from Charm, who decided to use this opportunity to practise sailing backwards.

As we went up the beat toward Falmouth Boat Co (Trefusis) we watched the Q class leaders rounding and head off toward SKB Sails (Carricknath) which was our next mark as well. None appeared to set spinnakers as it looked too shy. Eventually we saw Temeraire, Martin Eddy break out the colours and track several degrees off the rhumb line. Deep Purple rounded first out of U class followed by Gap Year and then Trifle. Gap Year set a very shy kite while Rocket Ron in Deep Purple went high in order to set a kite later. Gap Year took her kite down but very soon afterwards put it back up. We could see the Q class ahead nearing Carricknath with the majority holding their spinnakers, although a couple were struggling.

On Trifle we decided to fly our new reaching kite and initially succeeded in hoisting it without the sheet attached. Matt on the foredeck was surprised, as he attempted to fill the kite, to see the other kite coming out of the hatch! Once sorted it gave us a much-needed boost toward our goal as Wilkie and Popincoota were coming up rapidly behind us.

After rounding the mark we went to Choak's Pasties (Gyllyngvase), which was a nice excursion into the bay. Q class ahead in the mist gave a clue as to the general location. U class split several ways with Popincoota tacking after rounding and going back into the harbour. The rest of us carried on starboard tack out into the bay until we got buried under the lee of Gap Year's disturbed air. A tack into Black Rock cleared us and we were shortly followed by Gap Year. The positions remained the same as we rounded the buoy with a gybe onto starboard pole and a run toward the lighthouse. Deep Purple and Gap Year went a long way off and we gybed early making for the Pendennis point. Wilkie joined us and anyone on the point would have had a marvellous view of two yachts under spinnaker jostling for position as they rounded the headland!B class

Unfortunately Wilkie overcooked it and went a little too far to the west and sailed into a wind shadow. Deep Purple and Gap Year were further out toward Governor dropped their kites and beat back up the harbour in a fresh breeze. We were midway and managed to get to the breeze and joined the leaders.

Ultra Violet, Peter Stephens, won the M class beating the recently legitimised Fiery and Cornish Meadow. Per Elisa, Robbie Tregear won Q class IRC beating Orijin, Andy Dennis and Rampage, John Hicks, into second and third respectively. Deep Purple took line honours in U Class IRC but was beaten by Gap Year, Len Trenoweth and Trifle, Chris Jelliss on handicap. Sweet Friday, Len Cheshire, beat Elli, Robin Roebuck and Puffin, Mike Chard in W class. Audry, Roger Ford beat Pixy, Lyulph Hesling and Ivy, Nigel Glanville in the Sunbeams.

Helmswoman Trophy Winni's HelmLater in the Clubhouse Dan Tregaskes presented the lady helms their prizes. Winnie won with Mildred second and Polly Tregaskes taking third prize in Grace.

Thanks to committee boat staff, the Sues in the ops room and Sue and new girl Jenny for results. Giles the boatman and Lynn on the bar. What happened to the barrel of beer? Behind the bar!

Chris Jelliss