St Mawes Town Regatta 22/7/17

The weather forecast was spot on for the St Mawes Town Regatta on Saturday 22nd July 2017. Nineteen yachts turned out for the 4 class starts on the crowded entrance to the harbour. It was just off low water so there was little room to manoeuvre.

Seven FSC members showed their support and turned up in driving rain and squally wind. Hawk, Chris Bell, Tai Mo Shan, Neil Chamberlain, Atalanta, Stuart Higgins, Kaimana, Nigel Rowe, Wilkie, Bob Chapple, all showed their mettle in E class on Fay handicap. Popincoota, Alan Grose and Jane Goddard, and last but by no means least Mr G Tim Dewhurst, supported U class Fay handicap.

Kaimana had the stalwarts Nigel and Jess Rowe who were supplemented by a depleted Trifle crew of Finn Richards and Chris Jelliss. We were all soaked after the transit from Loe Beach to St Mawes and a no 2 Genoa was called for 6 minutes before the start, as it was quite lively. We had a good start on starboard hitch with a jib sheet grinder realising the loads are a lot more than a Snotty! I did get better, honest! A flop onto port and a beat toward the Castle out of the tide saw us make great gains with Robin Edwards and Craig Brown ahead of us.

Black Rock port hand mark was rounded as all others to starboard and we set off toward North Bank. A port pole kite gave us a gain on Bob Chapple in Wilkie who had slipped past us on the last bit of the beat. A lively close fetch to West Narrows and an amazing lifting beat to Governor saw us increase our lead. “Where was Hawk?” was a subject on the boat as Nigel had made a decision not to take a pirates beer from one of their crew earlier in the day! Well thereís a thing! We think they started a bit late! Probably thinking of Bill Drew going off to Kos the next day?

One of the problems with the split of the handicaps means that the usual U class size boats as at FSC are in the same class as Q and the old E class. The disparity is manifest when the weather changes as it did on Saturday when the cold front came through on time and the bigger boats were in a different wind pattern and tide stream. We sailed well, (I would say that!) but we did. And were way behind the longer LWL and greater sail area boats without a catís chance of getting a meaningful result! I think the handicap needs further splitting similar to the FSC classes!

Hawk retired on the second leg having got stuck on the Black Rock buoy while misjudging the ferocious tide. We so nearly did it on Kaimana but Nigel put a tack in to save our bacon. Apparently Popincoota sailed around Hawk and asked if 'twere OK! They did their turns and then went home! Didnít see you in the Old Quay Inn later, lads.

Popincoota beat Mr G in U class. Well done Jane! However I am still struggling to understand how three boats were in U class when their numbers were clearly way below the upper threshold?

Atalanta got a creditable 4th with Tia Mo Shan 5th, Kaimana 6th, and Wilkie 7th in E class so well done FSC we supported the event and came away with our heads held high! I do hope that the other clubs will do the honours for Flushing Saiing Club next Saturday when we host the Village regatta. Dave Owens and his army of volunteers have put in shed loads of work to make this the Village Regatta of all the villages. And we all owe it to him and his race management team to support our club and the village. Lets hope the Jet Stream will Fox Oscar north and give us some breeze and sunshine to make the day go well – see you there!

Chris Jellis


The overall results may be found here.