Hine Downing Tuesday Points Series One 6/6/17

N over A banner Even on Saturday there were inklings that Tuesday racing might be abandoned, with “strong and steady”© southerly winds on the way. And by late morning on the 6th (the anniversary of the D-Day landings, when my Dad was bobbing about in the Channel in his virtually unarmoured Destroyer Escort, HMS Cosby: he ought to have been aboard the Lawford, but he wasn't, and as a result lived to tell the tale) the signal flags were hoisted and lots of people made aware of the situation. Especially vexing since this was the first in the Hine Downing One series.

How do we tell people when races are abandoned? The Rules of Sailing say it is done by signal flags, which assumes you are close enough to see them. In these days of social media we could equally put something on Twitter or Facebook, though not everyone, especially in a Club made up partly of technophobes, is likely to have access to such media. There's also the question of who would do the informing. With no permanent staff it's not obvious. There is a fairly simple technique which depends on text messaging (SMS), which is free, relatively low tech, but still depends on someone somewhere having the rights to initiate the message, which, in the spirit of the RSS would likely be “N over A displayed at FSC”, leaving the recipient to draw their own conclusions. It may be something we will try. Far better would be to have good sailing winds and no abandoned races!

Malcolm Clark