Hine Downing Tuesday Points Series One 13/6/17: Race 2 of 8


Forty-one yachts turned out for the 2nd race of the Hine-Downing 1st series on Tuesday 13th June. There was more wind than expected and the feather flags on the club wall were at full stretch. The Race officer Jerry Windebank positioned Lizzie between Trefusis and Sunbeam and used Group 5, southerly courses.

The wind had big holes in it but for the main it was steady in the Roads. The two multihull competitors started and went upwind towards the windward mark Pendennis to port, quite fast. Ultra Violet, Peter Stephens, leading Cornish Meadow, Mike Hutt by a good margin.

Q class had an 11-boat start with Per Elisa, Robbie Tregear and Jackdaw, Bob Warren getting the best starts. Scorpion, Geoff Davis and Orijin, Andy Dennis were pushed to the wrong side of the committee boat just before the start. David Cunliffe in Encore followed the two leaders round the start and tacked off to port immediately. He went into a lift and more wind while most of the fleet went out into the tide and less wind.

U class startU class had 8 boats on the start with Walter Amos in Gulf Kilo getting the best start. We followed behind in Trifle and then tacked off towards the docks with less tide and more wind. Ron Jones in Deep Purple, Alan Grose in Popincoota and Bob Chapple in Wilkie came to join us later. Wilkie and Purple then tacked back out while we followed Popincoota right into the shore and both had a magic lift to the Pendennis mark. It all seemed to be tikety boo with Popincoota three boatlengths ahead and to leeward as we closed the mark. “Drat” Orijin came in from the left and tacked on top of us dumping dirty air which combined with the ever-strengthening tide made us both put in a short tack. Wilkie and Purple came up like express trains and went over the top of us. Wilkie went off like a long dog to the South Narrows mark on starboard pole kite.

into the setting sunG class fielded 3 boats and did their backwards race from the club up to Penryn bridge and back. They made a fine sight sailing off into the setting sun, spinnakers flying. Mike Rangecroft in Miss Agnes beat Alan Perham in Clementine with Sue Grigg in Katy third.

W class fielded 4 boats so at long last Len Cheshire has got some competition! Okay Len, you donít have to demonstrate short tacking up the Eastern shore with quite that vigour. I think you are in contention for the Rock Hoppers Trophy again this year! Unfortunately the dying breeze gave them all DNF.

Six Sunbeams enjoyed some close racing and embedded themselves amongst U and W fleet. Whimsey, Chris Perkins beat Audry, Roger Ford followed by Saucy Sally, John Lowry.

The 7 working boats started and had a good thrash with Jon Peters in Rita finishing an incredible 9 minutes ahead of Victory, David Carne and 12 minutes ahead of Cousin Jinny,Tim Pearce. The loss of wind and turn of the tide gave Cousin Jack and Rebecca DNF. Cousin Jack and friends

Four yachts finished in Q class with Per Elisa leading Jackdaw, Rampage and Temeraire. The wind went soggy and hard to light in the roads giving DNF to 7 boats.

As we set our kite to run to South Narrows I had a more than normal brain dead moment and gybed over to get more tide and wind as I was heading for Waterloo buoy. Duh! We gybed back and horror! there was Purple and Wilkie 30 boatlengths away going round South Narrows. We rounded up and dropped kite, got round the mark and got buried below the rest of the fleet. Matt my foredeck said “We arenít going to do well here”. So we tacked off and went into the Roads and adverse tide which was decreasing in strength. The wind increased and we found ourselves mirroring Wilkie heading toward Pendennis head. At around Black Rock there was a big header and Wilkie tacked. As we passed his stern transit we saw him heading for St Mawes? “Stand on” said Big Brother and so we did. The Black Rock buoy came into transit with the lighthouse and we tacked. Ron Jones in Purple came from the eastern shore and rounded a way ahead of us but we were second to the mark and maintained that on the kite run home and finish. Moonlighter came third. Gulf Kilo retired as DNF. three class finish

Thanks to Giles for pulling, pushing and dragging Sunbeams and working boats after the finish. It was great to see Arthur Williams cheering Winnie and crew from the quay. Take it steady mate! Thanks to the committee boat and ops room gang, and Malcolm for the results.

Chris Jelliss

Photos: Sue Clark; Malcolm Clark