Menagerie Fancy Dress Race: 22nd June 2017

menagerie startThe warm spell abated and left us with 20 degrees, overcast, NW wind. But wind there was! Len Cheshire opened the club and set the flags on Thursday evening having organised the Menagerie race. The start was at 1830 and 8 yachts turned up and had a very orderly start in a one-class sail to Mylor Yacht Club in various guises.

wilkieWilkie turned up with some right weirdos. There was Gruella De Ville with a shocking hair do. Admiral Spike and his electric hair, Blonde Ferrero Rocher Bimbo, and a rather comely blue haired tart on the helm.

Aurora, (aka AC folkboat pedalos) fresh from the Tour de France (the matelots jaune) decided at last that Mandy's dodgy helming required cycle gear with safety helmets to complete the arduous course.

Hawaiian HawkThe Hawaiian gang on Hawk looked resplendent in their tropical shirts and shorts with a dodgy Greg Peck throw back cum Peter Andre at the helm.

Glasto bound The topical General Khaos were en route to Glastonbury displaying the latest cool waterproof footwear and chiffon wet weathers. The redundant toilet rolls on the Ruckies serving as extra windage for the flukey winds.

Len “Woody” and Pauline “Jessie” Cheshire with weird Nigel Hippy Tranny on Sweet Friday did all sorts of protestable manoeuvres en route including sailing through the moorings (naughty), being in charge of an offensive weapon and a toy gun, calling starboard on port tack, etc. etc.

Tai MoShanTai Mo Shan had a right collection of Drongos! “Timmy Bailey”, Pink Kay, Multi-bright Jeannette, Martian long locks Derek, Pirate Neil and Moll Tracy. K9 Coco saw off a pooch on the pontoon and p----d on her party frock.

Noon Hi went by a secret unkown passage, as I missed them on the water. Must have road trailered via Tom Laity's farm! Inez looked resplendent as Villhelmena Tell complete with slings and arrows – how she suffered! Hydraulic Apple Jack, is that a new brand of cyder, stood to attention with an apple split true through with one of Villhelmena's arrows .

Puffin and Trifle sort of turned up and sailed, Huh! We enjoyed it and on Trifle we got to fly our new tri radial kite, “Marvellous”. Gaye got to helm and I got to crew, blue undies or not. Mike, Dennis and Kevin managed to make a tiny outboard scream on the way there and SUFFER On the way back.

Thanks to Katherine and Chris at Mylor for the presentation and warm welcome

We all went back to FSC for pasties and beer and had a brill evening. Len did a great job cajoling us to enter and organising the event at both ends. Thanks to Giles for sounding the starting horns and operating the launch.

Chris Jelliss

Additional evidence

Photos: Jenny Jelliss & Malcolm Clark

Cruella/PaulineGruella de Ville


team Aurorathe pedallers/pedalo-ers

Sweet FridayWoody, Jessie & Nigel

Inez as cupid?Cupid or William Tell