Skinner's Tuesday Points Series 9/5/17

Twenty-two yachts started in 4 classes for the 6th of the Skinners Tuesday point series on 9th May. The Easterly wind is still with us and the Race Officer Charles Choak set up the committee boat and line in the vicinity of Trefusis bouy. The wind was ragged with massive 20° shifts and had more holes than a two-year-old Austin Allegro! The start sequence was curtailed just prior to Q class start as a large stink boat anchored in the middle of the course decided to depart. Judging by the black smoke they need to service the injectors!


The AP came down and Q class now numbered 8 as Rampage joined them at the last minute. They all went off on starboard, but shortly after the start Temaraire, Martin Eddy and Encore, David Cunliffe tacked off to port to find a better breeze The class were given course 6 in the easterly group but substituted St Mawes turning mark for Carricknath. Their windward mark was Waterloo and the fleet split evenly up the beat.


U class fielded 11 starters and the line became congested as the front-runners had to sail down the line. Unfortunately Kiamana, Nigel Rowe overcooked it and was declared over by the Race Officer. The course was West Narrows to port, Vilt to port, Governor to port, West Narrows to port and finish. The fleet split early on and as the Q fleet the boats that carried on to the NE side of the track seemed to do better.

Len Cheshire in Sweet Friday again had a sail over as Puffin swung idly on her mooring. Apparently the motley crew have man flu! Come on W class get out there and give Len some grief – he will love it! Winnie and Cousin Jinny came out to do battle in B class with Winnie 2 minutes ahead on corrected time at the end.

There were a number of boats out who had not completed race entry forms, which made life difficult for the ops room and Mike Swingler who kindly processed the results. I did see Katy, Sue Grigg out in G class but there is no entry on the results sheet. ??

John Hicks on Rampage was mighty glad of the delayed start as he eventually won Q class IRC by 2 minutes on corrected time beating Jackdaw who was 4 minutes ahead on elapsed time. Martin Eddy in Temeraire came 3rd.

a little Trifle, Chris Jelliss led U class from the first mark and maintained a comfortable lead to finish 4 minutes ahead of Wilkie, Bob Chapple, in IRC Gap Year, Len Trenoweth came 3rd although Iím sure I saw Aurora two boat lengths ahead at the finish line.

We went back for beer and food. The club was buzzing. Thanks to the committee boat, Lynn and Jennie in the ops room and the bar staff. Also Giles for bringing us back to the shore.

Chris Jelliss

photos from Rebecca Heane