Seven Stars Flushing Series, 09/09/17, Race 2 of 5

riesIn a stark contrast to last Saturday's turnout, the 21 kt, gusting to 28 kt NW wind discouraged many from venturing out on the water. The Working Boats had already cancelled/postponed their Brothers Race (perhaps rescheduled to Saturday 30th?), and Race Officer (Purple) Ron Jones, after much deliberation decided to cancel the other open boats but press on with the cruiser classes. “If they are capable of crossing the Channel, they can handle the Roads and they'll enjoy it.”

WilkieIn the event only the ever-reliable Wilkie, Bob Chapple, and a sole Folkboat, Aries, David Mitchell, started from the Club line.

Wilkie was well reefed with a small (and old) jib, but Folkboats' mainsails don't reef giving David and crew plenty opportunity to climb up on the windward side and let it all hang out. Aries soon established a good lead on the fairly straightforward course to Vilt, Governor and back to the Club line. Ron shortened the course to just one round.

Aries finished a good five minutes ahead of Wilkie. He looked tired, but he also looked happy. Conditions were trying, but by no means extreme.

Thanks to the usual suspects, from the Race officer, Ron Jones, through to the Ops Room support (mostly Inez) but not forgetting Team Tregaskes who provided tea and cake support, and of course Giles.

Malcolm Clark