Mylor Chandlery & Rigging Saturday Series: 7th April 2018

The first race of the 2018 season on Saturday 7th April Looked to be a dank, wet affair when I looked out of my window early on Saturday morning. However the rain cleared and I made my way to the club to engage in Malcolm and Sue Clark’s Sailwave workshop to learn the way we score and publish results. What an eye opener! Anyway an early exit and drive to Devoran to pick up my trusty 16 year old crew Finn. Get on the boat and fix some small jobs left over after launching.

We sailed up and down the river and saw the strong ebb tide and waited for our start time 1357 hrs. I had previously set my watch to the radio clock after airport arrival time and maneuvered to get a port pole spinnaker start from the dark side of the river. Now, when the small hand is past the 1 and quite near to the 2 and the big hand is on the ????? 57, we started perfectly. Only to be told by Alan Grose the RO “Trifle you are a minute early”!!

Drat, down with spinnaker and beat back under main against a vicious ebb tide and 12 minutes later effected a very late start. Hmm. Anyway off we set playing catchup with Wilkie, Bob Chapple, Kaimana, Nigel and Jess Rowe, Aries, David Mitchell and Akamas, Martin Leach all ahead of us. Governor to port was the first mark and then to North Bank, port and the club turning mark.

As Finn and I approached the Governor we hoisted the genny and dumped the kite working well as an unoiled winter-rested crew. As it was all coming together remarkably well I saw a fishing boat to leeward about to haul his pot and us into his Hurdy Gurdy. He stopped just in time and we rounded the buoy to set sail unmolested toward North Bank. We saw the rest of the fleet ahead and headed toward St Just and further south. Even my squewiff Windex gave me a magic lift to Trefusis on a port tack.

Down to leeward on the eastern shore were Aries and Akamas past the Crossroads yellow bouy. Kaimana was continually being headed toward St Just and we saw both her and Wilkie on our starboard bow short tacking towards North Bank. We hit a big header and got ready to tack when back came the magic lift which took us almost to the buoy. A short tack and we were around and in 3rd place chasing the two GKs.

A crabby beat back against a strong ebb and shifty wind saw Wilkie coming back down the harbour with full kite extending her lead. We had a lucky shift up the flushing shore to the rounding mark and past Kaimana flying her new crispy kite. A port pole kite run after rounding took us back to Governor and a shortened course to Trefusis and home.

Wilkie took 1st place with Kaimana, 2nd followed by Trifle into 3rd. Aries came 4th a long way back with Akamas trailing into 5th place. Tea and buns were provided by Teresa and Annie. Thanks to Alan Grose and Jane Goddard as Race Officers, Giles for transporting us in his big blue boat.

A good start to the 2018 season and looking forward to a few more competitors next week.

Chris Jelliss