Hine Downing series 2 R2 7th August 2018

The Jetstream has meandered south and changed the weather pattern into our more familiar westerly airstream. A depression over northern areas gave Mike Chard the Race Officer a NW flow for the evening. Fifty-one boats came over to the eastern shore where the committee boat Lizzie was anchored. The tide was dropping and the wind up, down, flying around, just like “Those Magnificent Men”.

Six Firebirds started on a line that was a tight starboard hitch from committee boat to pin! They set off at a good pace, beating across to the docks and onto North Bank as the windward mark. Next away thirteen Q class went off following the M Class course. As we watched, it was apparent that some of the front-runners had not made the pin end and were seen tacking onto port to clear the line.

We had already looked at a port flyer, which would have sent us to Vilt almost directly. However with twelve starters in U class and being out in the tide, the idea was dismissed. The next plan was to sail the line at full tilt then take a rapid port hitch off the pin. It almost worked. We took a long starboard hitch being pinned by Kaimana and several others who all tacked off early. As it was it paid off as we made the windward mark first, rounded set starboard kite and ran for the end of the pin and onto Carricknath.

Five Sunbeams set off behind us and 5 mins later another 5 W class. As we approached the western side of the pin we saw the 3 G class stalwarts of Katy, Miss Agnes and Clementine bustling for their start. Last to go were the seven B class working boats who appeared from all points of the harbour with minutes to go.

As we approached Carricknath, Kaimana got an inside overlap on us. We eased away and rounded the mark with a slight whoopsie of misjudged distance and nudged the horseshoe life ring on Nigel’s port quarter. Cleared the area and did a quick 360° and continued. That allowed boats behind to overtake us so a fight to windward ensued. Deep Purple, Ron Jones, also did a 360° as I suspect he hit the mark after a crash gybe while approaching from a westerly direction?

Trefusis was approached and we rounded 4th behind Walter Amos in Poteen who had benefited from our earlier misdemeanour. The run to Pendennis mark was a lottery with wind bands tumbling over Tom Laity’s fields and favouring some boats rather than others. So it was on the beat back to the finish, as the wind appeared different for the genoa to the main.

The final beat back up the fairway saw us in Trifle close the small gap between Poteen and us. It was great to have a class boat thrash and we just edged Walter on the last hitch beating him by 13 seconds and achieving overall 2nd place. By the time I had taken off the sails and replaced them for the Falmouth week suit, I got into the club, which was very busy.

Thanks to Race Officer, recorders, mark Layers and all the backroom elves, Giles the launch, Inez and Jack in the Ops room. The remnants of Hurricane “Debbie” will hopefully clear away for Falmouth Week on Sunday.

Chris Jelliss

AlistairAlistair points the way

Firebirdwith sails down and no name on the transom, anonymity is preserved

ElliRobin Roebuck and headless crew finish first in W, but lose out on handicap

swansyou need lots of friends and family to sail Orijin

KatySue peering out from Katy

RitaConcentration as John Peters finishes far ahead of the other Working Boats

the fairwayA busy fairway as many classes finish at about the same time