Hine Downing series 2 R3 21st August 2018

“Twas a windless night When you joined the ship” (shades of Mark Knopfler) went through my mind when I got to FSC quay on Tuesday 28th August. Where has the year gone? There was no wind at home and precious little coming down the Penryn River. All the usual suspects were trying to drink Fowey dry as The Race Officer Lyulph Hesling and his crew climbed aboard Noon Hi care of Jack Penty and headed for the Roads.

We put up a Main and then hoisted Spinnaker and set off for the start line near Governor Buoy for the 3rd in the 2nd Hine Downing series. Race Officer's choice was a beat to Vilt, a run to Governor four times, with the inevitable shortening of course subject to the vagaries of the wind. This was for all classes in the much depleted numbers due in part to the working boats ’tother side of Dodman in Fowey and post Falmouth week exhaustion!

With no Firebirds present, the nine Q class wre first away as the wind started to fill in from the North West giving enough boat speed to start thinking about tide and tactics. The pesky wind had shifted left, which made port tack the favourite hitch. Some boats struggled to get to the line on starboard.

Eleven U class then came to the line and again some struggled on starboard. On Trifle we went off on port and held a good line toward Vilt. Walter Amos in Poteen went off at warp speed on port but heading for the eastern shore. There was a lot of ebb tide on the pin and Governor so it made sense to stay on the western side, clear the harbour sluice and miss the channel from Vilt to the narrows. Walter made the Vilt first and took off downwind chased by a bunch of “Clingons” with an ever-increasing gap.

Three Sunbeams followed the U start and were closely followed by three W class. Len Cheshire in Sweet Friday taking the 1st place as he can now see where he is going. Hope its all-better mate! Last but by no means least Charm and Miss Agnes raced in G class. Almost thirty boats! Which is good considering the date and conditions.

Two rounds were sailed by Q and U fleets with the committee boat stationed at Governor double hooting and course shortening. Encore, David Cunliffe was 1st in Q fleet and Walter in Poteen getting a well-deserved 1st in U class.

The light was fading as we tacked back to the moorings and eventually someone found the light switches in a very dark and gloomy clubhouse. Thanks to Jack and Inez, Lyulph and Jeannette, especially Martin Leach for running the launch, and Sue and John in the ops room.

See you on 4th for the last of the series. I am now planning the boat out dates and getting ready for the delights of Brittany. It is Portscatho Village Regatta this Saturday if you dare go in an easterly direction past Zone point.

Chris Jelliss