Menagerie Fancy Dress Race To Mylor 5th July 2018

Menagerie Due to a diary malfunction at Mylor the Menagerie Fancy Dress event was moved to Thursday 5th July 2018. The day started calm and wafts of fog, but by 1800 at the Sailing Club it was fair “Blowing in the Wind” for Sandy Shore and her billowing Kaftan, aka Gaye Slater!

Len Cheshire the Orange Monster Clown and Pauline his Basketball case(?) waited patiently in the club for the promised ride to Sweet Friday and circumnavigation of Trefusis point to the haven of Mylor. The Failed Genius and Sandy Shore tagged along hoping for a free ride to Trifle. In the end we all piled on the dark side launch and decanted on Noon Hi and Tai Mo Shan.

So a 2 horse race ensued with Rip Van Winkle, Jack Penty flogging Noon Hi past Tai Mo Shan whose Say Gailor and Top Gun were still trying to set up the bar while firmly attached to the mooring. Rip steered the boat while the Orange Clown and Failed Genius tied some string to a spare pontoon at Mylor. We all tripped to the MYC bar past some surprised faces on the quay and whet our whistles with ale. While there we were joined by “a Trifle Marine Engineer” resplendent in green overalls, pink “Norma Wisdom” style cap and cheeky double entendre engineers' phrases.

The motley crew of Tai Mo Shan made a sudden arrival with a Gareth Southgate double in full England kit and wonderful waistcoat dribble his small ball past the tables and chairs, aka Neil Chamberlain. “Cornish Girls do it Dreckly” looking suspiciously like our Jeannette was accompanied by a “Devon Boat Tart” (jam on top) in the shape of her husband Derek. The Say Gailor, cough, cough Charlie and “Top Gun” Jane made up the ensemble which swelled the MYC coffers.

Judgement hour arrived and Mark the MYC steward kindly stamped his approval on the assembled rag tag while Inez and Ruby applauded the efforts. Mark awarded the accolade to the Trifle Marine Engineer, Jennie Jelliss, after an agonising tie between Mechanic and Clown!

Len awarded various prizes for those participating and we left MYC as a happy bunch of marauders who returned to the sanity of Falmouth and FSC for pasties, beer and recollection of “How Charlie met Jane” (good movie there?) whether Charlie looked the part in South Pacific or Anchors Aweigh. A brief history of Falmouth and business care of Jeannette! All interspersed with good humour and belly laughs till it was pointed out that 2210 hrs was past most of our bedtimes and we all trudged home for Horlicks to prevent nightmares from the evening's apparitions.

Big thanks to Len Cheshire for organising and making a glorious summer's evening into one we shall remember for a long time. Thanks to all who participated and those who just came along

Chris Jelliss aka Failed Genius