Hine Downing series 1 R7 17th July 2018

Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust charity race

It’s a funny old time of the year. The Blackbirds have ceased their glorious song. The strawberries have stopped fruiting and are sending out leaders! I lit a small garden cage fire to rid me of my neighbours palm leaves and the smoke went vertically up. I was very surprised to see how windy it was at FSC.

Paul Evans, the Race Officer, set Lizzie halfway between Vilt and the eastern shore with a SW wind direction. 50 boats came out to race in 10 knots gusting 15 and very undirectional. The line was set and Governor looked to be favourite as the windward mark. Trefusis was selected and two Firebirds set off having asked for a longer course (as did the Sunbeams).

Next away 9 boats in Q class with the majority just making the line on a starboard hitch. Rampage seemed to get the line right and went off with a tack onto port and a good beat up to Trefusis. While we were manoeuvring for our U class start I passed by Nigel in Kaimana who said. “I was thinking of a port flyer tonight”. We both agreed that there were several boats already down that end of the line and it looked crowded.

Just 2 minutes to go before our start the wind went very soggy so an executive decision was made to sail the line on starboard, keep the boat speed up and tack on the hooter. It worked and we got away in clear air in Trifle, Kaimana and Kizzy to leeward, Popincoota to windward. All 13 boats heading for Trefusis.

Eight Sunbeams started 5 minutes later and were followed by five W class – all jockeying for the right line to the windward mark. Meanwhile, off the Club line, four G class gaffers headed towards Penryn on their “backwards” outing. Back in the Roads, last but not least, seven fully paid up B class large working boats, and one whose “cheque is in the post”, entered the fray.

As we approached Trefusis the wind veered quite substantially and we found ourselves heading for the shore. A tack into a lifter saw us reach more pressure and substantially more tide lifting us to the mark. That did not last and we tacked again. Popincoota came up the Trefusis shore from nowhere and made the mark way ahead of us.

The buoy rounded we went for a starboard kite, now headed for Carricknath. It was dodgy to begin with as the breeze oscillated in strength and direction. We dropped the genoa and then settled down to chase Popincoota who kept her lead under white sails only. Kaimana flying her new kite came up from behind at a goodly rate.

Q class went out into the bay in a sloppy sea with reduced pressure, while we rounded and set for Pendennis. That rounded with us slightly nearer Popincoota we went back to Carricknath and thence Black Rock. It was a very close reach with occasional beats back to the harbour. A beat to the finish with Alan Grose in Popincoota taking line honours. Aries was joined by the new kid on the block Lottie with the two Mikes, Robson and Swingler, back in a Folkboat.

The working boat crews came back to the club and swelled the numbers. Thanks to the Race Officer, bunting bashers, recorders etc The result are on the web and reflect the evening's efforts in varying ways.

Chris Jelliss

FirebirdsFirebirds are go!

Sweet FridaySweet Friday

family…the family that plays together…

FWBFive of the Working boats on the start line