Hine Downing series 2 R8 31st July 2018

A brief interlude over the preceding weekend saw the Jetstream come south and dump a small amount of rain with wind on us. July is all but gone and 50 competitors rolled up for the 1st of the Hine Downing series 2 race. Charlie Choak was the race officer and positioned Lizzie in the vicinity of the Water Tower. The wind was SSW with some iffy gusts but was due to quieten down later.

Four Firebirds were first away on a crowded start line with many other classes in the near vicinity! The results show 3 M class competing so can I assume a non-entry embedded themselves for a freebie race? Next away were 9 Q class yachts who beat against a full rising flow over to the western shore.

Fourteen U class then joined the fray with a lopsided beat to West Narrows. The majority of the class opted a starboard hitch up the eastern shore followed by a quick port dash across the narrows gap to round the mark to port. On Trifle we were buried and had a quick hitch to clear our air and got around the buoy in 4th place. Popincoota made it first and set off toward Lugo Rock cardinal and thence to St Mawes at a cracking pace. It was too shy to kite it until a few boat lengths from Lugo.

Eight Sunbeams started on a long windward leeward course with two later retiring. As U class were reaching toward Lugo there were a few near misses with the Sunbeams beating through the fleet. I can only assume they had a different windward mark? Four W class then entered the fray. Four G class gaffers formed a breakaway class as they went off in the opposite direction, from the Club line up the Penryn River in one of their backwards races.

Last but not least 6 B class working boats set off with their topsails weaving a colourful dance in the Carrick Roads. In U class, the St Mawes turning mark was the target with some yachts electing a starboard pole dead run while on Trifle we appeared to get a better angle and clearer wind on port pole gybe.

The mark rounded to starboard left us with a beat to Black Rock and a very shy port pole kite to Vilt in some big gusts. Then Trefusis to port and back to the club line finish where as expected the wind had decreased by a margin.

A close finish among the Working Boats, with back marker Cousin Jack beating the others on handicap, to the chagrin of some.

Back to the club, which filled up rapidly with hungry, thirsty sailors, all telling tales of woe and derring do.

Thanks to all the volunteer helpers, especially young Eleanor in Ops who took over entering results and scoring, and see you next weekend for the postponed Flushing Village Regatta.

Chris Jelliss

LottieNewcomer Nordic Folkboat Lottie followed by Mary Boon (is that a new mainsail, John?)

RampageRampage almost relaxing with Robin Roebuck in the distance

MooblighterMoonlighter coming to the finish line

swans“they can break a man's arm” (Adrian Mole)