Loe Beach Regatta Saturday 9th June 2018

It was a muggy start to the day, a stiff Easterly breeze with just the hint of a threat of a thunderstorm pushing up from France later, as we got to FSC and chugged out to a little Trifle in the rubadub. Sails set with no 2 genoa and off to St Feock and Pill Creek Regatta, or more commonly known as Loe Beach Regatta. As we left the inner harbour I felt the wind drop a tad but the no 2 was good for the frequent gusts.

FWB approaching the startOver 50 yachts took part with some more junior sailors in “Oppies” etc, I do not have those results! A really good turn out for the organisers, Committee boat and shore team. First away were 10 working boats all racing under the FSC burgee. The start line was at the western end of Loe beach moorings and to the uninitiated was indistinct until you got close to it. There were various competitors sailing through the line the wrong way as starts were taking place! I am told there was a pre start collision between a working boat and a large yacht who may have been trying to avoid a Sunbeam.

EncoreNext away were 6 larger IRC yachts 3 of whom are FSC members. The line was square and it was a good beat to the windward mark set on the eastern shore. Q fleet, consisting of two GK24s and a Sonata all from FSC held up the smaller boat fleet. Theirs was a mixed start with other boats of similar size using a local handicap. On Trifle we had the right headsail to start with as 3 up we were pressed going up wind trying go catch Nigel, Jess and Jack in Kaimana who had an ace start.Kaimana

After the windward mark was rounded we set off downwind and changed to a no 1 genoa on Trifle as the breeze was reducing and was getting light on the eastern shore. Kaimana took the lead from the start and apart from one tack led the whole race. When we got to the 4th mark on the eastern shore we had set up for a starboard pole kite and although quite shy we managed to fly it from there to the end.

Nigel later told me in the pub that he was torn between hoisting or plugging the shifty wind with his genoa. In the end it payed off for us but it could have gone very wrong.

On the penultimate buoy we were amazed at the cheeky manoeuvres of two B class working boats who thought they could come past us to windward just on the buoy while we were on starboard pole kite, then gybe right across our bows as they were going to a different mark? The Racing Rules of Sailing do apply to B fleet and it was a good job it wasn’t really windy!!

MorwennelThree Gaffers again under FSC burgee had a good thrash around the course. They were joined by 3 Sunbeams and Elrhuna in O fleet under the FSC burgee. So 23 boats associated with FSC made the day and enjoyed the racing. Atalanta, Stuart Higgins came 2nd with Hawk, Chris Bell 3rd in A fleet. Ian Jenkins in Stella took the line and the 1st place on handicap in the B fleet working boats followed by Rebecca and Grace. Sunbeams

After some confusion with the results a little Trifle beat Kaimana by 6 seconds with Wilkie in 3rd place. Audry, Roger Ford beat Ivy, Nigel Glanville and Mary, Neil Hopkins in the Sunbeam fleet.

All in all a great day out for all and a special congratulations to Milly Tregaskes who won the Owers Cup for outstanding spirit of the regatta. Thanks to all the organizers etc. and I hope FSC village regatta has the same support.

Chris Jelliss