Hine Downing Race, series 1, race 3: 19th June 2018

The Azores High has established itself and we have the frontal line between the warm moist air from south and the cooler drier stuff from north resulting in grey low clag. The wind at home on Tuesday was quite strong with trees waving angry branches and seagulls ridge soaring the roofs.

The tide was very low and Giles used the ferry quay to collect crews. At one stage it looked like Jerry Windebank the Race Officer was going to leap from the FSC quay onto the passing launch. He set Lizzie the committee boat over on the eastern shore just north of East Narrows giving the choice of West Narrows or Governor as windward marks. Forty yachts came out to play and the wind started its evening tricks of reducing in intensity and direction.

First away were the two Firebirds leaving West Narrows to port and then Black Rock to starboard. A lively beat to Maenporth to starboard followed by a kite run to Castle on port and finish. They were joined on the same course 5 mins later by 8 Q class yachts who had a lively start and soon disappeared into the descending mizzle.

Ten yachts started in U class on a one tack, for some of us, to Governor on starboard. Then a port pole kite to St Just, a beat to Trefusis, back to St Just (all on port), finish. Popincoota, a little Trifle and Poteen established the front of the pack as the rest had tacked off, with near collisions to clear their air.

Seven Sunbeams started and were followed by three W class, two G class and 7 B class working boats (one of whom has yet to furnish an entry form: he will find himself excluded from the overall results). The tide was rapidly accelerating to maximum flow and on the beat from St Just to Trefusis it was a fine balance to sail in less tide while finding more wind in it!

The Committee boat was overheard talking to Killegrew, the Harbourmaster's launch, regarding a shipping movement in the fairway at our finish times. It was wisely decided to finish all contenders (except the two Firebirds who were already on their way back home) at the eastern edge of the docks as it became apparent that a few thousand tonnes of stone granite on a gert big barge was in our fairway. It would certainly make your eyes water if you hit that lot!

The results are up on the web and our thanks to all involved. Thanks too to the two boats who took three adventitious sailors out at very short notice. One was Rampage, but they would hardly notice a few more people aboard. The noise level would just be the same. The club was packed with lots of talk and tactics past. The Fowey race takes place this weekend so see you all on Tuesday for another bash.

Chris Jelliss

Rampagea cross-section of Rampage's crew (thanks for taking an exra pair out: appreciated).

Miss Agnes and CharmMiss Agnes and Charm coming up to the start. Much concentration from Mike R.

3 BCousin Jinny, the ever-reliable Winnie and Abigail Rose

Firebirds finishingThe only two boats to finish on the Club line. Ultraviolet led up the harbour but was in irons from a tack letting Cornish Meadow overtake and finish first.

bargeWe had been informed of a shipping movement from Coastlines, to occur about 19:30. This was the scene from the Clubhouse at about 20:00.

more bargeSeven minutes later it was a wee bit further down the river.