Cockwells Tuesday Points series: 1st May

A very complex depression with 3 associated fronts tracked up the western approaches while the two “Osses” in Padstow writhed to the jaunts of the Joker.

A watchfull eye was kept on the FHC wind graphics on Black Rock and at 1530 it showed the average wind speed at 28.9 kts gusting to 36.7 kts. The general trend was upwards.

I arrived at the club at 1600 and it looked OK in the Roads and there was surprisingly less wind than expected in the harbour. A difficult call for Arthur Williams the Race Officer. At 1650 the FHC graphic showed that there had indeed been a short lull in the wind speed but then it had come back and was again trending upwards. The Met Office were giving 40 kts plus for the evening!

So there it was: A over N, racing abandoned – until someone informed Arthur the flags were upside down! N over A was hoisted and we all drifted off with a wise decision made and the first abandonment of this season.

See you all on Saturday for a calm sunny drift. Get your “sunnies” polished and your “aussie block” plastered.

Happy Days Jelly (Chris Jelliss)